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September 8th, 2007

Short and sweet:

beachbabe_4ever says that marriage is a "Christian Ideal" that "Christians instilled" here in the U.S. - as if the concept of marriage was invented at 33 A.D. and is not prevalent in, like, all other parts of the world.

Later in the thread, there is a really ridiculous blow-up where (as far as I can surmise) heirtoruin  guesses the town and state where she lives.  She flips out and orders him to delete all comments referencing said town.  And it's followed by an e-threat to contact the higher authorities (the mods)!

One wonders if she could have avoided everyone finding out where she lived by not verifying that heirtoruin guessed correctly!
Oh thequestionclub, you never cease to amaze me.

Is it stupid to get in a strangers car (the photgrapher) to go to a studio?

A photographer whom she has never met and the drive to the studio will take a few hours. And although she admits it sounds shady she thinks i dunno might as well take a chance instead of miss out on one.
Lets add to the stupid. She's the one that just got featured about her child abusing ways from the last post. Ha ha.




She's at it again! <3

Since kittylair's on, the post will be deleted soon.Collapse )
Over in ask_me_anything, washinmachine makes a post asking the community members whether or not they'd be squicked out by the boy she's interested in and then divulges deets on the sitch (that's details on the situation for those playing at home.)

seein a guy for a while, love him and all that crap, he was too busy for a relationship (or a fuck-buddy which is pretty much what i was), so he ended it last week.

She then alludes to a recent text conversation in which she "totally PWND him" and suggests community members hit up her journal for the 411 (it means information, holmes.) People go and see that the PWNing in question is to the tone of

HER: "If you cant make time for me, then you dont deserve me. and i guess we'll have to do without break-up sex."
HIM: "That's too bad, because tomorrow cant work."
HER: "Then neither can we. goodnight andrew."

O SNAP! I know, right? It's like, totally a miracle he didn't commit suicide. Anyway, to end this story he finds the entry and texts her with "Must every text end up on livejournal?"

WHAT. A. CREEP. So he's found her LJ and she wants ask_me_anything to back her up that he's a total creep stalker. Cue everyone telling her that she looks desperate throughout her text messages and just makes it clear to the guy that she's wayyyy too into him and it scares him off. junebug80 even points out how the ex tracked her down: she wrote her full name in a public entry, which makes a quick google search reveal her TOP SECRET LJ.

Unlocked at time of posting.

Okay guys, really keep the community rules in mind on this one. Don't repost any more snippets/pictures from her journal lest the snot runneth thick.


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