September 7th, 2007


Off-Topic Community Plugging Post!

Once upon a time, there was an awesome website called

Actually, the web site still exists. Only, it hasn't been updated in over a year.

This website was one of the funniest blogs around (pre-stupid_free, of course). The most frightening objects ever offered on Ebay were posted and snarked mercilessly. It was great.

Over the past few months, I've gone to the site repeatedly to see if it had any new activity. But sadly, there has not.

Then it hit me: I know the funniest point-and-snarkers out there! Hell, I'm one of them! So why can't we point and laugh at the ugliest items ever offered for sale on ebay and elsewhere? WHAT THE HELL IS STOPPING US!!!!????!




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Count how many "maybe that's how she got herpes" comments.

Honestly, I can't bring myself to look beyond the first couple of comment threads (as is usually the case at ohnotheydidnt, so you'll have to find your own favourite specific stupid in this post, but ohsnapitsrj's opening gambit is pretty much stupid enough:

what a little ho saying sex on the first date is fine.

There is stupid aaaaall over the comments, and I'm fairly certain there will be meta stupid all over here. Enjoy!

Attempting not to royally suck this time

All Tourists should speak english, and even if they don't, they should understand capslock rage!

Was bored. Found this. Wank has already exploded and soaked everything that moves, and the OP has semi-flounced. Lots of capslock rage.

Now with choice quotes from the OP:

the language thing is not that important
I was really hoping for them to be happy and tell me i did a good job in what ever variation of Spainish they spoke.
My manager, bless her in every way as she is like a father to me,

And of course, being on meds excuses everything:

Eh. that's what the depression meds are for. I'm on wellbutrin, lexapro, and now adderal(?) how ever you spell them. that and yesterday was a really bad day.
[I'm not even gonna try the html]