September 6th, 2007


a small stupid

small, but i find it amusing.

in a_c_wildworld: i got seeded, but as soon as i get a new friend code, i will publicly post it for all the world to see.

EDIT: for those of you who don't play AC:WW, "seeding" is when someone comes into your town and drops a "seed" that basically fucks up your whole town and/or game cartridge. this is why nintendo begs you to only give your friend code to people you trust implicitly and many ac:ww websites and communities prohibit public friend code sharing.

EDIT AGAIN: i didn't realize how few of us are nerdy enough to get it. :(

Ten minute time outs are fine for a baby, right?

redwood8605 watches babies in her home for money, and has a 6-month-old, but seems to know absolutely nothing about dealing with their behavior once they start moving. She posts to parenting101 to ask about disciplining a 8.5-month-old.

Everytime he touches the bookshelf I pat his hand and move him away from it. I do this 2 times. If he does it a third time I strap him into the vibrating chair for 10 minutes (I dont put him there for normal play since he is a little old to enjoy it). And before you say he doesnt know what he is doing, YES he does! He is a little too smart for his own good if you ask me.

That's right, a ten minute time out for a 8.5-month-old.

Thankfully, the judgmental bitches smart LJ mommies of the community school her and she seems to finally get it, but wouldn't you want to leave your kid with a woman who has no clue about development, discipline, or dealing with exploration and has to learn about them on LJ?
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Have you seen this?

Okay, now remember mintogrubb?

Well here's some of what he's got to say about it (from anti_feminism):

She reckons that " I am black" gives her rights to go speeding.
sorry , lady, it don't!
I guess that any bleeding heart liberal will say that this woman's grandmother was dragged over and enslaved from Africa, so she gets to be entitled to break any law, any time, anywhere.
Well, I don't. She broke the law, and playing the race card is not an excuse for speeding. so, she badmouths the cop, and he asks her to step out of the car. she refuses to comply.
She gets warned, and ignores multiple warnings.
I hope she learned something from that.

It's not like you can criticize him for saying that, tho. I mean, it's just his opinion.

In fact, he was so proud of his analysis that he made a metapost about it today in the very same community.
And people agree with him (and express their desire to be the one on the cop's side of the taser!)
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History wank!

Over in good ol' booju_newju, loomissimmons asks a question regarding the fact that the history dispensed to our schoolchildren is given in a way that makes history very different than what it truly was.

Which brings me to my question: what are your thoughts on history as how it is taught in the schools in your area?

Loomis summarizes better than I could with this:

It's my belief that it's history that is primarily responsible for the learning gap between the races (with American literature as a close second). We hear all our lives about how white men built and shaped and led America; certainly minorities, females and working class children begin to feel rather left out. Does a child have an honest chance at becoming somebody if he never knew his people were somebody to begin with? Also, how much is too much information about a historical person? For example, do we concentrate more on Columbus discovering Indians America, or the fact that he was a bloodthirsty, raping murderer? Is the fact that James Buchanan was homosexual even remotely important, or does it make him a gay icon/hero? (Ditto for Willa Cather and Eleanor Roosevelt.) Should children learn about Dr. King's many (many) extramartial affairs, or Woodrow Wilson's raging bigotry? And do you supplement your child's history lessons if you feel the school's lessons are lacking?

The stupid?

Teaching accurate history is, actually, just making a political statement.

Teaching 'whitewashed' history in kindergarten is okay -- they don't need to be taught the truth so early!

I'd rather lie to my child and make them think 'mankind' is inherently good than tell them the truth about history.

History isn't as important as the here and now.

Black kids might do better learning history in a different school than whites.

More to come, I'm sure... The post is new.

Edit: OH yay more stupid!

I would propose not telling our kids ANY difficult history ... unless they ask!

You can't send your son to an all-black school! How would he cope with reality?