September 5th, 2007


AHHH! Straight people!

rinoa_h_c_l posts to fanficrants with a letter to one of her reviewers. She tells the community her woeful tale about how some insensitive asshole keeps asking that she write het fics... which she cannot do, on account of being morbidly afraid of straight people. In fact, "Even thinking about [het] makes [her] shudder."

The community's response? Very reasonable of course:

"Oh, you poor thing!" "How terrible it must be to be subjected to heterosexuality like that!"

Some comment on her attitude being remarkably close to homophobic attitudes and ask if it's a parody. She assures them it isn't. Pity for this poor girl's delicate sensibilities continues as scheduled.

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etana is a blind person whose nearly been hit while crossing the street a few times in davis_square. People comisserate, and are upset for her. Someone suggests she speak with someone with the power to actually make it safer for her. She can't be bothered to do that because what would she say?

Finally, someone points out that it's extremely odd that a blind person can be so sure someone intentially accelerated at them.

Then my head started to pound from the stupid that I realized that I should share the blind_wank with youse guys.
gas mask

Infedility is just as bad as physical abuse, so w/e

Over at thequestionclub, hellcatt3 says, " my husband punches/hit/slap/shove me because I flirt with men,and didn't do the laundry. He has once almost thrown a hammer at me.Something tells me this isn't normal for a marriage." I don't speak trollish.

However, sjorn has some sound advice: "Maybe you should stop being a whore." Just part of the lulz, right? first, until he says this.

Stupid, get thee behind me!

ETA: I am my own meta. HA! I accidentally posted this to tqc. Bannination!

Attention Attention Aufmerksamkeit Attenzione Atención

Hello! In the event of disaster or shenanigans, I am available to assist if the true snots are not available.

Bonjour! En cas du désastre ou des shenanigans, je suis disponible pour aider si les snots vrais ne sont pas disponibles.

Hallo! Im Falle des Unfalles oder der shenanigans, bin ich vorhanden zu unterstützen, wenn die zutreffenden snots nicht vorhanden sind.

Ciao! In caso di il disastro o gli shenanigans, sono a disposizione per aiutare se gli snots allineare non sono disponibili.

¡Hola! En el acontecimiento del desastre o de shenanigans, estoy disponible para asistir si los snots verdaderos no están disponibles.
Bender knitting

Should I list my erotica on my resume?

Please, please, please let this be a troll. Serious question, naively phrased.

ETA: The original post made no reference to what field the OP is in, what kind of degree she is working on, or what kind of jobs she is applying for, from "the more publications, the better" to "No, the engineering firm really doesn't need to know about your NC-17 slash."

The answer varies greatly depending on this information. Therein lies the stupid.

If you don't agree, move along.