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September 4th, 2007

I didn't know this was CSBS....


What do you think? I'm calling shenanigans.

The stupid is that she posted it expecting everyone to believe it, and that so far, nobody has called her on it.

Edit: I appear to have failed horribly. Damn.
It's like Dear Abby, but the LJ edition. Which makes it ten times worse and without any remote professionalism at all.

ssskinner asks, "How old or what grade can a child be before he or she is old enough to decide whether or not to go to school?"

owlsarentaholes replies, "I will let my kids decide from the time they're old enough to start school. Rylie is excited about going to a charter school next year, but if she doesn't like it, she can quit and be homeschooled whenever she wants. She can also choose to miss days for illness or to have a "mental health day."

So if Timmy just doesn't want to learn numbers that day, just let him have the day off! They're just numbers guys, and children need "me time"!

Next up, theretohere asks, "Do you like uniforms? Are they horrible and evil stiflers or individuality? Or do they even the playing field or reduce distractions?"

owlsarentaholes replies, "Pure fucking evil. I would not ever send my child to a school that required uniforms. I understand that clothing is only one way kids have to express themselves, but in my experience, the type of school that requires uniforms often stifles individuality in other ways, too (no patches, pins, etc on backpacks or coats, requirements about the kids' hairstyles, and freedom of expression in the classrooms as well). Regular schools are big enough proponents of corporate drone-ism without adding uniforms into the mix."

Sadly, a few others fear the "man" is trying to oppress the creativity of future generations.

Snowflake powers, activate!

thnx_fr_th_mmrz: "I believe in freedom of expression and limiting the clothing via style, color, and ever material is absurd in my opinion." (source)

laminy: "Well there are a lot of people at my school (too many to count, actually) that I would not want others to know I was part of the same "organization" as. I don't want to be associated with them ever, and going to the same school as them is bad enough, let alone having to wear the same clothes. I don't want people to think I'm like them." (source)

failstoexist "i think they're unecessary and i dislike the idea of uniforms being used to control kids...and make them blend in with each other." (source)

Maybe I'm just confused....

pinknovemberksu posts in _pregnant_:

my fiance/soon-to-be-born daughter's father and i live together, but i was just wondering if even though we share an address i can still set up child support until we are married? my concern is that he has been unemployed and i want to make sure that regardless he is helping with paying for our daughter's needs.


1)What's the point in pumping a dry well?
2)Doesn't she think maybe, JUST MAYBE, her FIANCE might take umbrage to her procuring a court order for him to be less of a deadbeat?

Pretty small as of now, and unlocked, but seriously...does not compute.

Edit: FLOUNCE and BAHLEET of personal journal. Wow, that was fast. Thanks to wesaturtle for the cap! <3

Oy. Obviously she's in line for future parent of the year.

thread worth it for delicious Chris Malone pictures *fapfapfapfap*

Another customers_suck.

"I work in a booby bar, and basically my job sucks cos every night everyone buys me lotsa drinks and I have the inability to say no, and get really drunk."

So wait... what's the suck?

EDIT: Bahleeted! I don't have screencaps, but I can copy paste exactly what the guys post was (Thanks to CS Snark)

"In general, I love my customers. I love my staff. Hell, I even love the dancers when they're not acting like morons. But then you have nights like Saturday night, when the customers and staff seem hell bent on buying me drinks until I puke.

Not that I don't appreciate it, mind you. But after 6 Crown Royals, a Jaeger bomb, 2 shots of Rumpleminze and 3 Miller Chill beers, all in an 8 hour shift....

Well, let's just say the pillow felt good when my head hit it. And the thought of three nights in a row off work felt even better."

Sorry I don't have screencaps of the comments, but they were all basically "whaaaaat?"

To hit the big ones first: No. This is NOT a small stupid. Yes, this is my first post, but I don't LIKE it gentle. And if I fail, I'm going down in a Blaze of Glory. Up to and including singing the song of the same title with amusing dancing "Party Hard" .gifs surrounding my corpse. Fuck LOLcats.

If you're at all familiar with bad_rpers_suck, then you know it's a hotbed of seditious activity with those WEIRD HOMERSECKSHULS ALL THE HILL OVER, MAW, aka pro-slash. It rather has a reputation for this, as well. A long, storied reputation full of past wanks of epic fail/lulz, depending on the RP being ranted about.

Enter luke_atmey, wishing that the world was straight.

Since many brave European explorers settled the whole 'flat earth' conundrum five hundred plus years ago, we can only assume that she's basically wishing gay people didn't exist. To express that opinion on that comm is so astonishingly stupid it's like going for a swim up the Amazon river after rubbing yourself all over with anchovy paste.

It's doubly stupid because the OP of that particular rant was saying "HEY! Keep your potentially inflammatory political opinions out of my pretendy fun-time games, bitches!"

A laurel, and hearty handshake to motorghost for the concept of the Lame Sticker. It's like Lisa Frank, only full of run-over puppies and unicorns that have had their horns removed.
I'm not responsible for anyone who wishes to spork their eyes out after reading this stupid.

Now, the stupid in the post is NOT the sexual lifestyle. I don't care if you're furry, into scat, whatever. As long as you are not directly rubbing your tail on me or shitting on/near my person (bathrooms excluded) I'm fine.

The stupid here is the implication that poly = auto-slut and an excuse to behave as such.

Oh, also admitting this:

The fursuit hug/grope hunt begins \|/ I like hugging fursuits mostly normally, with one hand down a little on their bottom, so I can gague whether or not the person inside minds being groped.

In public on the internet is pretty damn stupid. Why would you admit it?! WHY WOULD YOU ADMIT THAT?! I'm sorry, but if some random dude came up to me at a con and purposely groped me, I would probably spazz out and honestly, probably end up karate-chopping the wrong person in my blind spazz-attack.


The comments are at least pretty sane. Ranging from, "You realize that poly and slut aren't the same thing?" and "If you groped me randomly I'd kick your teeth out" and everything in between. Also a sprinkling (HAHA PEE JOKE) of "This is why people hate furries".

So yeah. Unlocked as of posting, and if you've stuck with me until the end, you're a trooper. Or just morbidly fascinated in train wrecks.

ETA: Oh good news. there's more gay bashing in the comments. Apparently gays are eeew icky.


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