September 3rd, 2007

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Bitch moan whine etc

Man, it seems like all I post is bad_service stupid. Then again, that place is a cesspool of dumb.

rearrangedfaith has her panties in a twist because a local non-chain resturant only accepts cash and checks. OH NOES, it's 2007 and yet they won't accept credit cards! It's 2007, why are they so BACKWARDS?! BAD SERVICE!

Even worse? We don't carry cash (we don't really like it, it's easier to pay with debit, and when i do use cash it usually ends up lost . Yes, because it's everyone's fault that you, a grown woman, can't handle or figure out currency. Or figure out how to use an ATM.

Comments point out that card machines cost a lot of money and that many stores don't have them, and that the OP is just a whiny idiot. OP gets butthurt about the criticism and accuses posters of either being in high school or still being bitter about bad high school experiences.

EDIT: Hey look, stupid has come to play! Everyone, give a hearty, warm, S_F welcome to to_the_start.
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Over in cat_macros, xlizbianx breaks the comm rules about macros needing to contain cats and posts an unfunny, off-topic fail macro. 

Naturally members of the community (some of them) let it be made clear that this is a rulebreaking fail-post, complete with some snarky counter-macros.  xlizbianx retorts, wondering why the members of cat_macros are not dying of lulz over her generous gift of macro-ness, and some convulted explanation of how it's vaguely related to cats.

And to top this all off...that's right, SOSHUL EXPERIMENT!   xlixbianx offers some e-hugs to the comm and promises never to do it again, aww.

Unlocked and un-deleted at time of posting.

EDIT: Baleeted! But here are some screenshots.

The macro
Excuses, excuses...

I don't think that you really understand how this works.

Religion wank, ahoy.

antitheism's appeal in theory is that is brings together people who believe that organized religions are fundamentally a bad thing. Whether you agree or not, that's the premise here. However, *most* people there have long since figured out that arguing one on one with the extremely religious is a big waste of everyone's time for fairly obvious reasons.

Not so, sayeth leviath. For you see, he has the answers.

Our pal leviath has been planning for a meeting/confrontation with his local Jehovah's Witnesses, and yea, he is convinced he can counter their faith in their religion with relentless logic.

When pretty much every single person who replies says basically "Um... good luck with that." He accuses them over and over of having a "defeatist attitude"(clearly his phrase of the day), and gets pretty riled up when a few people having grown up as JW's, including vivinsect try to interject some much needed sense into the discussion.

Lulz all round, or at least a big round of "Oh ffs, get off my side, willya?"

I wonder what her vet bills are like . . .

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So last month, I seen a butterfly. I want to take it's picture now. It was yellow. What food do yellow butterflies eat?

Tis small, but damn. Last month? And food requests for yellow butterflies?

Since I posted this last night she has gone back and edited her post. It really did start out with "Last month I seen a butterfly". It's what I used to make the linking text in this post. It's also what added just that extra dash of stupid to my small stupid.

MrFlagg is still clearly lurking here (Not that he cares about any of this of course) as he has commented over there as well. Sadly, it does not add any stupid.

And one more time. Another wee edit.