September 2nd, 2007

The shirt. It burns.

In that fabulous barrel of fish known as customers_suck, evilweevil04 asks the community for advice. (EDIT: Apparently, it's been deleted. These are the things I miss when I finally take a nap.)

Apparently people are wearing (*gasp*)offensive t-shirts whilst patronizing her place of employ and she wants to know if she can refuse service because the shirts don't meet her standards of decency.

(why yes, I do have a macro for that..)

quoth the OP:

Alright. Maybe I'm just a prude or maybe I... Oh, I don't know. I just think it's highly offensive and completely inappropriate to (a) wear shirts with swear words on them ([i]Think of the children!![/i]) and (b) ... penises and vaginas running??? What the heck?

The community gives her their opinion, but I tend to doubt it's what she's asking for. It's already at two pages of almost exclusively telling her to get over it, but I think the best comment so far is the one by mirar who asks, Isn't it illegal to act offensively?

It is? Shit guys, we're screwed.

Unlocked at time of posting. Some fun for your Sunday brunch.

Edit #2: and it's usagicookies with the save!

Because disliking children is the same as being racist:

The stupid is all over the place...

Over in Customers Suck, a customer herself posts about a personal conflict she got into with some lady at a grocery store over when it is appropriate to say "excuse me". Suddenly, it turns into an issue of racism, and the OP uses some big words.

Also, she thinks she might have seen the cashier give something away for free, and wants to know where to report that.

zipzoomcrash  thinks that's just mean

Shenanigans are called because nobody talks like that IRL.

From there, commonsensehere calls the OP ignorant because hating children is the exact same thing as being racist.

So far, pretty small. Only 48 posts and unlocked. My question is... where were the customers? This chick doesn't even work at this place, and generally when you "witness customer suck" if involves the customer giving an employee shit, not another customer.

There... edited for HTML fail.
red leaves

Lord Jesus, forgive me for my meta

You will recall blasphemusfish's mega religion wank post, in which featured the epic fail of kharmii, among other righteous idiots. Well, kharmii has joined the post to let you know how we're all a bunch of "spiteful, self-righteous dorks" who ...don't floss, I guess. Also, we're NERDS!! in CAPSLOCK!!--fortunately theblackdragon has our backs with a macro.

kharmii doesn't stop there, of course, and neither do the lulz:
- Ad-hominem attacks! Also, Ad-hominems, furry edition.
- I AM IN THE MAJORITY, shut up you stupid liberal! Plus: fat American copypasta, grudgewank copypasta.
- Jesus told me never to get a joke!
- Watch me as I win arguments by calling you a douchebag! I am so awesome!
- I am NOT a fanatical religious person!
- Calling strangers mean things is totally different from what I am doing!

YOU GUYS. kharmii saw right through us. We are sad, mostly fat, pathetic NERDS!! with no lives. We have no choice but to respond with his sample apology letter. blasphemusfish has started the ball rolling!

Edit: lukadia has made a Mad Lib! It is made of awesome.

Edit II, The Wrath of Khan: Beyond the fail that may be inherent in meta, I have also achieved the "This was already posted!" fail. Granted, it is in the luminous place known as sf_drama--where baby hedgehogs roam and every day tastes like sunshine--and not in stupid_free, but still, I should have checked there first. My apologies.