September 1st, 2007

Dog wank

Edit: Here is the executive summary.
OP is training her puppy to pee indoors because aggressive stray dogs are common in her neighborhood, and a neighbor's dog was recently mauled to death by one. Not stupid. One of the moderators, cottonmanifesto, creates a bunch of drama because omg holy crap OP's not training her dog to pee outside where Cujo hangs out. Stupid. Sorry, poopin' dog's been deleted. I don't have any screencaps.

Original post.

OP is not stupid. Not wanting your puppy mauled to death by aggressive larger dogs is not stupid. cottonmanifesto launching into aggressive wank is stupid.
This is stupid.
This too.

Bring in the christians

Some good old religious wank.

I posted an amusing scamtastic Christiany email that I got to wtf_omgz

Commence the obligatory "DON'T BASH CHRISTIANSSS", provided zealously by kharmii, here!

totes_madchen replies and expresses that she HAETS christians cause they brainwash people and shit. ESPECIALLY LITTLE KIDDIES.

So the war against/for religion/atheism rages a bit, more people join in but mainly to add some lulz.

Then kharmii says this to me after I ask if the whole entry had been posted here in stupid_free yet.

That's when I decided to post it here anyway.

Unlocked because.. I MADE IT.. YEAH.

Enjoy guys.

Edit: Lol my mum just asked what I was laughing about, so I told her the tale and she just replied with "OH NO IT'S THE GODSQUAD! Always ruining everyone's fun >:C" and wandered off.
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What rhymes with "lady lumps"?

Special snowflake alert!

Over in tmi_chix, someone named chix0r110685 (no, really!) posts something so off topic that it leaves everyone going "buh?".

I don't know if anyone is interested in Poetry or Writing Short Stories, but I just created a new community for sharing that type of stuff. You girls seem awesome, and I just wanted to let everyone know, you're more than welcome to check it out =]

Yes, because a com devoted to the nasty that is being a girl sometimes would love to read your emo poetry.

The comments are snarky and many vicious, so she deletes what isn't "supportive". The mod, hamadryad makes a new entry, flipping out about the off topic post. The snarky comments continue there. Many wonder if she's a troll, but evidence to the contrary is brought to light.

Really though, who looks at tmi_chix and thinks "man, this place could use some POETRY!".

(no subject)

OK, I know how y'all feel about grudgewank, but I really can't resist.

Over in my fav community booju_newju, teresina maintians that it is never OK for children to share rooms. Even if they want to.

And you should totally plan your pregnancies so that you never have more children than bedrooms. Even if that means aborting.

PLUS, if you run into circumstances that force you to downsize, you should give your children to someone else to raise, because you are not doing it properly.
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vap0rtranz: "the light side of the force: Buddho-taoism"

Small stupid:

vap0rtranz, who was determined to be So Stupid That The Light Of Distant Stars Bends Around Him by philosophy members, seems to have somehow confused Star Wars with Daoism.

Aside from that, the post consists of mostly incoherent babble (as is typical of him*).

*That last link was to his personal journal, so don't reply to it.