August 29th, 2007



So a post is made in hip_domestics by someone asking for advice on putting in contacts, cause the OP likes contacts over glasses.

Thankfully, coflower is here to save the day and yell at the OP for her horrible opinions.

Not sure why you have a problem with glasses....GOD FORBID. I had problems putting in contacts, 15 yars or so later, it's only glasses.

Get over your "fashion" baby-this-sucks thing...glasses are perfectly acceptable.

it's not that hard, in fact some people look sexy with them on with the right frames.

Lighten the hell up.

It's just started and is small so far, but I have a feeling it could go somewhere.
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Chocolate formula eh?

Some fairly minor stupid but still mildly amusing. Here we have a post about choosing a formula. Oh no, this isn't breastfeeding wank. No no no. I was skimming this post and found this fantastic reply:

Went down the aisle, saw there was enfamil and good start. Good start was made by nestle.. a company I really only know about for chocolate. I just kept thinking that they made chocolate formula for babies so we got enfamil lactose free or something to that affect.

Please feel free to macro the hell out of me if you'd like but (warning: paraphrasing ahead) "Since Nestle makes chocolate I figured their infant formula was just baby chocolate milk" struck me as pretty "BUH?!" and/or "WTF?!"

Lets all go to the meta and get ourselves some hazmat suits!

Over at the delicious vaccination wank here, we have quite possibly the most special snowflake on all of LiveJournal.

You see, contrary to all of the credible medical literature which states otherwise, bethybugsmomma wants everyone to know that ZOMG SMALLPOX IS NOT ERADICATED IN THE WILD AND SHE CAUGHT IT CIRCA 1975! Screw the fact the last few cases of smallpox well-documented and her situation as she describes it is not one of them. She's like the lost Istari of pustules and blood bruises and she'll be damned if logic is going to take that away from her.

You may also want to consult her userinfo for a hilarious and ironic twist. Please remember not to touch the exhibits.

This stupid brought to you by astragali and William of Occam.

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Unlocked at time of posting, I swear!

More from the depths of bad_service, where an employee just looking at you funny means it's the most terrible service in the world.

sattyknight and her female friends go to a local grocery store to get a pregnancy test. They discover that they're kept under lock and key and have to ask for someone to unlock it.

As I turned my back I heard the cashier half talk half whisper, "I bet she needs a pregnancy test." I just turned around and stared, dumbfounded why they're blatantly assuming -I- need it. Plus, there's more in that cabinet besides tests like condoms, lube, and all that fun stuff. I don't even LOOK pregnant. I'm not fat or anything. I think it may be because of the way I dress. I like cute little skirts and thigh high socks. Just because I dress like a slut (I don't even think it's that bad) doesn't mean I am one.

Um. What? Holy overreaction, Batman!

There's more fun in the comments as well, as some members act outraged at an employee daring to comment on what a customer may want. Others say it's not suck at all and that she WAS looking for pregnancy tests. The OP continues to make utterly no sense in her replies.

kelism: Also, I think you're jumping to a bit of a conclusion that the Kroger people think you're a slut...I don't see any of that insinuation (unless the staff said it in some tone that is obviously not coming through the internet). FWIW, sluts are not the only people who need pregnancy tests.

The OP flails: This city is full of elitist bitches, young and old, who are ready to judge people from how they dress, act, BUY. This is a city where people need to keep their assumptions to themselves or out of ear range. I'm only insinuating they think I'm a slut because people treat me like that every once in a while and I've accepted that (I like short skirts, sue me. :()

There's not enough "WHAT?" in the world for that.
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Everybody loves immigration wank!

What starts out as a racism wank-bait over in _discussion quickly turns into immigration stupid instead. Some prime comment threads are here and here, including a nice bit where someone talks about how incredibly easy it is to become a legal resident of the US of A. I don't even know how to write up a good summary of the painful amounts of stupid here.
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