August 28th, 2007

Can you tattoo that spot where I was butthurt?

meowmixness posts in tattoo_ink, asking about a symbol she is "supposed to get tattooed" on her person on Wednesday.
Naturally, people ask, "Why would you get something if you don't know what it means?" But it only took a three of that to inspire first, the "Well my dead -insert relative, friend, etc here- used to have it-draw it so IT DOES MEAN SOMETHING TO ME" excuse, and then, a whopping ONE more to inspire preemptive "NO IT DOES TOO HAVE MEANING" post ala, But, but, even though it has this deep meaning to ME, just wanted to make sure it wasn't stupid! because she doesn't want anymore meanie heads calling her on tattooing a symbol on her body when she does not know its meaning.
Instead of pointing out that "Well, if it's got meaning to you then that's what it means", there is much explaining of why people are so mean, and then, the obligatory "Why are people so mean on the internet?!" comment.

ETA: Posting before coffee is bad. It's locked, and I do care and it wasn't so I could post postcards with testicles and make a thousand sockpuppets to prove how much I don't care. Damnit.
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'Cuz it's all about me, right?

Apparently, phoenix_rises33 is feeling a little neglected on their personal journal.

And the Pepsi-max mood theme just makes it for me. :)

A little mini stupid to get you through the day. (at least it's not meta, right?)


per djronb, it's not even a mini-stupid.
This is semi-stupid. This is quasi-stupid. This is the margarine of stupid. This is the Diet Coke of stupid. Just one calorie, not stupid enough.

And lulubloom would like to me to remind you all that, despite the content of the sad sorry post I linked to, you are not to go and troll their personal journal!

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An entry is posted to customers_suck with a video* many feel showcases a display of police brutality. General consensus is that the officer was in the wrong, and it was an abuse of power. However, not everyone agrees.

According to britneysgirl86, since the officer "warned" the girl in the video, he was in the right, and the girl brought it against herself.

she doesnt deserve $60,000 and she shouldnt have had an attitude! she said she hates cops because her brother is in sure he did something to put his ass in there! she was acting stupid and running her mouth which if i was the cop i would put her in cuffs too but to only shut her up and speak with the manager to count the register. she was warned about being sprayed and still didnt give a shit so that was brought upon her i think she should have been sprayed? NO but the officer did warn her and she didnt listen so oh well shit happens next time she should listen.

Wank ensues.

*For those that don't want to watch the video—girl at a drive-through window is serving a police officer. He gives her $10, she gives him appropriate change, he insists that he actually gave her $20. He gets pissed off, she gets pissed and mouths off to him, he threatens to mace her, and eventually does.

Edit to add: The incident in the video apparently happened ten years ago, and the officer in question, despite being cleared of all charges, was fired.
Head Asplode

Special snowflake alert

Stupid that's better late than never.

A few days ago, a post about autism exploded in bad_service.

There's a lot of stupid here, from both the OP and the replies.

The OP insinuates that it's not cool to call an autistic child a "tard", but it's totally cool to call a retarded child that. She also carries around little cards to "inform" people about autism.

People wonder about how good an idea the cards are, while others call her out for the "tard" comment.

One special snowflake named tealizard postulates that autism IS a form of retardation here.. Some say the mother should have had better control of her child, no matter what illness they had and say it's bad parenting to let an autistic child wander around and bother people.

Whatever the case, just a shit-ton of stupid all around.

And, for extra credit, the write-up from c_suck_snark, which further outlines the dumb.

[EDIT] Shit. It's locked. I'm sorry, I didn't realize. I don't think it was when I saw it earlier. I fail. I hang my head in shame and take the macro-ing, in hopes I will not be so stupid again.