August 26th, 2007

Bender knitting

We don't want what you're selling.

sew_hip is a community for people who sew. There is a strict no-advertising, no-sales rule. This does not daunt jacquelenexo, who posts that she is an IMPOVERISHED COLLEGE FRESHMAN who won't get a job and instead makes and sells shitty handbags.

"I'll post in nine zillion sewing communities, hoping that people capable of making the same thing, only less shitty, will take pity on me and buy stuff!" our intrepid heroine says.

sew_hip replies:

Macros ensue.

(may be bahleeted soon, so I've pre-emptively archived it here.)
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the wall

The homesexuals are coming for our childrens

Over in weddingplans, crazybouncycrls is having some issues with her racist grandmother. This isn't the stupid.

crazybouncycrls thinks it's especially odd because she's from California, which is more refined. , but someone else points out that racism exists everywhere... even in Maine. Here comes the kicker:

"Um, I live in Maine, and I don't think they're racist, I think they just don't know any black people! lols. I think Maine has a bigger problem with people being racist towards homesexuality!"

The gays are a race now. I can't really figure out what "homesexuality" is: do they have sex at home? With homes?

standards, livejournal

I love you guys, it's why I keep doing this!

sensual_blossom drama is like crack. Addictive, bad for you, but you can't stay away. In this stupid, she starts an argument with one of the moderators in vera_bradley over coach logo bags and whether or not they're tacky. Simply disagreeing with her is seen as a personal attack simply because of past animosity.

For clarification, the off-topic posts got a little out of hand (mostly because our dear friend s_b kept posting pictures of her Coach purchases in a Vera Bradley community) so a separate community was created for off-topic discussion.

It looks like she deleted the whole entry or the mod did, but I was sneaky and got screencaps for all of you. She's just not fast enough with that mouse button because I got the whole thing.

I'd also like to admonish all of you at this point and remind you to Let It Go :)

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