August 25th, 2007

  • crassy

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Over in _pregnant_, mamata2 is having a serious tl;dr problem along the lines of eleuthreophile. She's not sure who her baby daddy is, but her BFF does! She told her. It could really be one of two guys (I think...). She prefaces the entry with telling us she is an idiot and can't click on the HELP link to learn how to put photos and tl;dr posts behind a cut and ends it with a picture of the ultrasound AND whom she thinks is the baby daddy asking...and I cannot believe someone actually did this...asking if the ultrasound looks like her baby daddy! Oh Lawdy!

Only a few comments at the time of posting, and I am seriously thinking about posting the favoured cat macro...


Edit: I suck, I know. Thank you for telling me 100000 times. Who would have thought that this stupid eejit who couldn't do an LJ cut knew enough to lock a post.


Hopefully I'll get some good macros out of this. Bring on the anal rape. Collapse )