August 24th, 2007

Save the Children from Pedos who Shop at Target!

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The prego stupid, it hurts.

So this gal posted on tmi_chix  about her period being late, which is fine and all, aside from her being a little... um... airheaded, and the fact that she wants to keep the baby makes me -facepalm-. But that's not so bad until...


The mod there already doesn't like me because I don't mind looking at icons of boobies and I complain too much about the posts not being tmi but rather belonging in other communities meant for "advice"...

I will not be surprised if I receive a bannination for this.  My comment about the community not being "DR EL-JAY" was BALEETED within five minutes.

Unlocked as of this posting.

Bonus:  I like these comments about how she can't afford a preggo test.  Then what is she doing KEEPING the poor babe, should it be one?  And WHY has she not heard of Planned Parenthood??


EDIT 2: SON OF EDIT: screencaps here and here

Oh how I hate Karyn.

Oh man. Originally I was like 'Tiffany, this is a troll, do not post this.' And then I looked deeper into the poster, it's not a troll, it's a 'legitimate' Internet panhandler.

I hate Internet panhandlers.

It all starts over at customers_suck.

paymyloans had a brilliant idea regarding setting up an LJ account specifically to beg off communities.

customers_suck aren't exactly generous.

paymyloans decided because Ya'all have jobs it's an appropriate place to ask.

Over in damnportlanders the wank rolls on into CF ranting and this gem of a quote from the OP:

and i DID think twice about having a kid! i'm still really poor though. i don't know why you're so cranky about this. as far as pride and dignity go, i don't think it's unreasonable to ask someone for a dollar on the internet. seriously, you don't HAVE to give me a dollar. it'd be cool if you and 100,000 other people did, though!

raindancer_jess wins with this
Sure! Please post your bank account number, routing number, phone number, home address, and mother's maiden name so I can send it to you.

(Beggar also spotted in 4_sale, rich_bitch, artschool_faq, bankers and and the only appropriate place, shameless_plugs.

(Also, is anyone having serious problems with 504s on the Livejournal today? WTF? This took like a half an hour to write.)

Edit: Fixed tags

Edit 2: Edit Returns: So, horror_romance is apparently the mastermind. GUYZ DONT TROLL HER JOURNAL K? Just pointing it out. Worth a read anyway.

Edit 3: No subtitle: The journal is worth checking out so you can see her husband's LOVELY BRAND NEW TATTOO. (props to hipmama979

Edit 4: Jesus Fucking Christ, is it begging week on LJ? Now with gay Russians! Thanks chocolate_chip

Edit 5: The BAHLEETION begins. customers_suck entry is gone.

Edit 6: horror_romance/paymyloans came to defend herself.
Mr & Mrs Comfort

OMG Stop Playing The Race Card!!!

In pinupgirls, someone posts a link to a video showing how "beauty" has changed through the ages via the use of morphing photos of actresses. Some commenters bring up the fact that only three of the hundreds of faces in the video are of women of color.

As if on cue, Some white chick pulls out the "OMG I hate when people pull the race card" Card.

Honestly, that should be a Card. The Anti-Race Card: This Card Entitles You Derail and Diffuse Any Mention of Overt or Latent Racism, Any Statement That References White People Having Any Sort of Power or Privilege At All, or Any Statement About POC That Makes You In The Least Way Uncomfortable

No Conditions Apply. Does Not Expire. Use Liberally

Commenters point out that simply mentioning that the video was mostly white women IS NOT "pulling the race card", to which our heroine cynicalgrey shows her inability to restrain herself from speaking out of her ass. Or spell "prejudiced".

tea_and_vinyl mentions a slew of actresses she/he would have loved to see in the video, and receives a response from cynicalgrey that betrays her level of butthurt over the failure of the community to allow her to redeem her Anti-Race Card. Wah.

Unfortunately, it's not just that thread - cynicalgrey feels the need to comment to every person who comments similarly , and posts her own comment to the post to further register her annoyance at people who JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Here goes nothing....

eleuthreophile would like to know: "why are most girls catty bitches who spread rumors about their friends?"

We are then treated to a Dawson's Creek-esque TL;DR "hypothetical" situation (names changed to protect the innocent). thequestionclub says LOLWHUT? and bellasmommy posts the best macro evar.

Edit: names aparently not changed, as eleuthreophile doesn't give a shit about the innocent.
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He's Back!

Last year at the university I attend, two students raped a freshman.

That's pretty loltastic all on it's own, amirite?

BUT rapecrafty some genius using a rape_puppet over in anti_feminism MADE IT EVEN MOAR HILARIOUS by using his post about it and the six-month sentence the rapists received to "satirize" those fucking femi-genocidalfascistHitlers.

"Men can protect themselves and shouldn't turn to victimize women who need more security, safe women's only dorms, and should be first in line to take college courses that they need to graduate at the times that they feel safe to take them, even if it means a man should lose his place in the class.

For anyone who doesn't understand what I'm saying, imagine a student who has been given a new car for high school graduation, but who hasn't mastered driving yet. Should that person find college a safe protected environment if he or she frequently confuses the brake and the accelerator, violently striking other students or making other students sprint out of the way each time to keep from being seriously hurt? Even if the girl jumps in front of the car, the man should be able to stop at any time."


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Because it's a post about rape, anti-fems start frothing at the mouth before anyone can even realize that it's skeptirapist's lame attempt at trolling, take it siriusly, and share their tl;dr thoughts on the way women are, like, oppressing men by intentionally throwing their asses onto getting raped. Because that's what women evolved to do.

Oh, and edit, rapetirapist naturally isn't clever enough to think up his own mocking; he copy-pasted and modified this one (thanks, hex!).