August 22nd, 2007

Conspiracy Theory Stupid from TQC

You know, I've never seen Loose Change, and I'm really not up on my 9/11 conspiracies. But this kid's stupidity hurt my brain so much, I can't even formulate a coherent argument against it.

In which anyone who disagrees that the fire caused by the planes didn't bring down the Towers is obviously a Bush supporter and Fox News fan.

Those phone calls from the planes to family members? Imaginary! The plane my classmate personally saw hit the Pentagon? DIDN'T EXIST. AND HOW COME WE NEVER SEE RELATIVES OF THE PEOPLE WHO WERE ~ALLEGEDLY~ ON THE PLANES ON TV, HUH!?!?

Have at it.

EDIT: I knew I'd seen that icon before, and I was right:
And here's his community tag under the name fallingangels

Meta Stupid: Tampon jokes are not funny to the feminists.

Back in this stupid, about long-hairassment, I made a joke about a "junior Tampax moment," since the snarkee was a teenager, and since teenagers are very sensitive to their hormones.  Apparently none of you required explanation of this joke.

However, after 3 days and 700+ comments without so much as a peep to my Tampax comment, eiaboca enlightened me on my sexist attitude:

"Junior Tampax moment? WTF ever. Men certainly never have irrational spouts of anger, illogic, or any other emotion. It must be her period." 

I am glad that I have been educated as to my rampant sexism. I may need sensitivity training, so I won't commit acts of sexual harassment at work. I will only commit long-hairassment, which, as a feminist, eiaboca probably doesn't have to worry about.

ETA MOAR FEMINISTS WITH HURT FEEWINGS I have single-handedly set back the womens' movement 100 years!!
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(no subject)

Over in booju_newju, polygirl7 has a question- well, a series of questions:

While divorce is really common these days, so are other lifestyles. What do you find appropriate story material for a young school-aged child?

(in a public school)

Is it okay for the story to mention same sex parents?

to mention parents of different ethnicities?
to mention poly parents?
to mention a single (sperm donor) parent?
to mention parents with HIV?

Her opinion:

I'm honestly not sure how I feel about alternative parenting being taught in school. This is something I'd rather handle on my own. I do not believe in sheltering children, but I don't know how I feel about them learning it through a state/federally funded school.

Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

In good ol' childfree, faedreamer posts an entry about something she read in an LJ makeup community. A woman is getting rid of her MAC makeup because she had a child.

Somehow, faedreamer reads into this that, o basically you used to care about your appearance, used to think it was important enough to spend the kind of money MAC costs on it, used to be pretty and cute and have style. And're a mom. Nothing more. And whoever your babydaddy is probably wonders what the hell ever happened to the cute, stylish girl he hooked up with.

Nowhere does it say the woman doesn't wear makeup...but I hardly think she's going out enough, with a new child, to warrant bright pink eyeshadow and the like, no?

When someone disagrees, the OP insinuates that The woman does not shower, or brush her teeth regularly because she "does not give a shit" about herself anymore, she's a mom.

Yes, because all mothers look like dirty, greasy people, no?

Unlocked at postin' time.

Stupidity in Metaquotes? Surely not?

Think again!

The original post is sadly locked, but the fact that someone found this funny enough to post on metaquotes in the first place is stupid in itself!

Because only people in trailer parks ever take out mortgages they can't afford to pay back!

There's some bonus racism in the comments as well (although I have to admit to never having heard the term 'spic' before)

If only they'd just posted the first paragraph...

Edit: bahleeted, but thanks to the lovely rovylern we have screencaps. Many, many screencaps:

Page 1 - the original post
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
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"I hate granola nature freaks." - floatinghearts

In ONTD scifijunkie posts about Bette Midler getting in trouble for cutting down 230 trees around one of her properties. The post isn't very long and quite clearly states these trees were on a vacant parcel of land.

The star of this post floatinghearts expresses how cute it is when the state tries to tell you what to do with your own damn property. Fun then ensues as others point out her error and rather than let it go she has something of an eco-bitchfit.

My favourite is Yeah yeah yeah, save the trees, save the planet, blah blah blah. She then brings in starving children and the war in Iraq to justify her hatred of tree-huggers.

ETA: A clarification to the original subject of the post. It looks as though floatinghearts wasn't wrong about the ownership of the property in that a better source that Yahoo News: Honolulu Star-Bulletin makes it clear the land did belong to Midler. However, it was zoned for conservation and any activity on it had to be approved.
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Offensive or Oversensitive?

[info]bad_service is having a bad day it seems

It starts with 

amyheartssiroc posting about Rolling Pins
While reading the wrong thing in a very old joke and is told by the rest opf the community to learn a sense of humor



While this is small in and of itself, Irony adds the situation when 

kiwi_from_hell posts a similiar but more justified post about another joke

While Kiwis post is more justifed, I personally appreciate offensive humor and dont see the issue, but i understand in the second post timing and wisdom may not have been used by the worker.


(Very?) small stupid at brits_americans

woopflying posts suddenly to brits_americans with this little gem:

It's quite short so:

Subject: Bush the little weed

I want you guys to die in Iraq just as your fathers did in Vietnam,
am sorry I was not there but Daddy said stay at home and I won`t be in Iraq either.Come on guys, Die for America`s honour, I`ll be watching you.

Lets see if this turns into a bigger stupid!