August 21st, 2007

Kchhht. Houston, we have crazy.

I don't even fucking know.

I honestly don't. The entry is a little tl;dr and incredibly confusing, but what it boils down to is this:

This dude goes into yahoochat (So classy. At least it wasn't AOL) and starts RPing with this girl. Their characters get married or something. This RP goes on for 6 years (oh yeah wooboy RPing having kids and marriage for 6 years sounds like a blast to me, but that's neither here nor there). Suddenly the woman claims that her character cheated on his with their ARCH NEMESIS!11 Time goes on, she finally tells him that she fell for the player of ARCH NEMESIS!11 and she wants their characters to split up. This is of course, a hell-worthy trespass.

Short summary: He's bitching about an RP chick he never actually had a real relationship with, either online or IRL. He's really just angry she wants her RP character to leave him.

Now while I can understand this guy has invested a lot of time in his tavern Erotic Role Playing, the language he uses in the post boderlines on scary.

"it's November of 2006 and we got married in like January of 2002. not to mention the flippin trial period we had from like October to December. so i blast and rage and she says she's sorry over and over and i tell her, we're out of character, by the way,"

"we have 3 kids, we've been married for many, many years, and now she suddenly wants to end it? and i ask her, why.
she wants to be with K.
no, let me rephrase that. she, the player, wants to be with the player for K.

Thankfully the comments are full of sane people that are akin to those people standing on the sidelines of some sort of disaster with their mouths agape. But the story is that apparently this guy posted the same post yesterday and it was deleted:

"Yesterday's got deleted since it gave name and journal link to the person who was "leaving" their RP partner for someone else. But not before comments reached 2 pages and the cat macros came out."

Even if this isn't as hilarious as Godot's law, at least I'm chronicling this here in case someone ends up dead tomorrow and the police need a paper trail of evidence for who did it.

Yeesh. Unlocked and incredibly crazy as of posting.

ETA: I meant to say thank you to everyone for turning my userinfo into a pepsi breeding ground. I love it. I'll cherish every single bottle/can as I get closer and closer to a sugar coma death.

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Listen up!

demi_xoxo brings the 3 a.m. infomercial to african_studies.

The OP tries to use their excitement as a motivator to rouse the community to action. demi_xoxo needs 10,000 surveys by TOMORROW; they also make a small mistake by referring to Darfur as a country instead of a western region.

The OP is told to 'get over themselves'.

People flash their credentials. debboamerik works in "african conflict resolution" and yet feels comfortable letting the OP know that "answering a few questions on the internet isn't going to do a damned thing to stop genocide, there or anywhere else." Which is pretty stupid.

lamemechose totally misses the point: "Amen. I'm tired of Africa being this philanthropic fad that people think they can solve by wearing red shirts and adopting black babies."

oceanschild forgets that every little bit helps: "I appreciate the fact that you're earnest, really I do, but if stopping genocide were as simple as filling out internet surveys, none of us would ever leave the internet."

Basically, everyone forgets about the content of the post, and in true livejournal fashion, rips apart the wrapping paper instead of looking at the present.

Fun auxilia:

From the website-- "The Voices for Darfur campaign is now over!

We collected 10,396 personal responses!
If you would like to help pay to print out and deliver the letters you can make a donation on our secure server."

So, they got their goal after all. Fucking yay.

Also, the people commenting in african_studies didn't notice the reference id at the end of the link posted by the OP, meaning they're probably profiting off of the surveys being answered, which is the real stupid in the first place.

Stupid all around!

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Internets, look at the bad service I received at a potential college!

Except most of the "complaints" are the fault of the poster. Unlocked at the time of posting. FYI - I'm not criticizing the whole post, just some choice nuggets. Look for some of the others.

1) Dropping out of high school - I started doing online courses which I just never completed the work for because of lack of motivation. Hence, accidentally dropping out of high school.

2) I R a snowflake - There were far, far too many people in the space and I was completely ignored by the two people at the academic upgrading station, who were talking to another woman. I stuck around for a bit, was still ignored, then went and waiting where a sign said to wait for a tour of the school. No one ever showed up. Everyone was busy and no one seemed to be organizing anything so I turned on my heel and left.

3) The Internets lacked information! - Then she tells me that the traditional high school is three classes a week between the hours of 8-5 (maybe this should be mentioned on the website?)

4) Multiplication on a Math test and no calculator? WTF? - I go ahead and write the test, acing the language part and totally bombing the math. Not entirely unexpected as it was questions like 342 x 78 or 759.2 x 0.87. Have I done these things without a calculator since I was in grade six? No I have not. I did a lot better on the more advanced math, but it still sucked because I couldn’t have a calculator

5) I waited 25 minutes Internets, at a college! - She seems to be confused and asks me to wait for a bit in order to consult a counsellor. Apparently I’m a bizarre case.

So I wait. And wait. And wait. For twenty-five minutes. I wish I were exaggerating.

6) 11th grade Math, WHAT?!! -

First of all, remember this: My story starts when I accidentally dropped out of high school three years ago before starting grade 12

She comes back and tells me, that I would have to take grade 12 Math in what they call “max-space” which is just self directed learning. If not, I’d have to do grade 11 Math over again and then go into grade 12 math. My reaction to that was: “WHAT??!!”

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