August 20th, 2007



Over at longhair,  a community dedicated to the celebration of not being able to afford a haircut and posting pics of the resulting ass-length scraggle, gracefulwing is harassed by her server:

A waitress commented on my hair and then told me I should donate it. If I wasn't on my way to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, I would have reported her for harassment of some sort or something :(

What kind of harassment? Sexual harassment? HAIR-ASSMENT?  Although the comment could definitely be perceived as rude, if someone "reported" me as harassing because of a comment like this, I'd probably get the shears out so she wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.

I suppose she has an excuse for being silly. She's 15. Probably a junior Tampax moment.  Thankfully, one of the commenters already told her she's overreacting.


mistresses have stupid too

missmercibelle has a new job. Apparently, writing fake sexual exploits for penthouse doesn't pay enough anymore. So she is going to spam eljay communities asking for people's own "kink" stories. And apparently this includes the transgender community because, well you know, we're all in it for the kink, right?

Not much wank in the comments so far, as the OP has yet to respond. And a call for the mods has been made, so who knows how long this one will hang around.

Edit: She crossposted this to 29 different communities! XD

ETA: The OP has begun to respond. Apparently she's a therapist now too.

Thank you yenesi for all these precious little links :D

ETA2: Mod just stepped into transgender. Countdown to bahleetion: 3, 2, 1...

ETA3: And after deleteing her post, she sulks away with her tail between her legs. Not even enough dignity for a proper flounce.
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Babies in bikinis: ~*a pedo's dream scene*~

Over in ohnotheydidnt, a post of pictures from Courtney Cox's Hawaiian vacation showing her daughter, Coco, in a little bikini, elicits this respose:

I dont understand why people put their little kids in two pieces. I always see little kids at the beach and their top never stays on right. It's a ~*pedo's dream*~ scene.

As well as i agree. girl has nothing to show off, just put her in a one-piece.

Because a toddler should have something to show off before you stick her in a two piece!

Small thread so far, but it's been rapidly expanding.

Am I the only one who is more concerned over the fact that they don't have Coco in a lifejacket in the kayak?
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