August 19th, 2007

Meta Troll....

Over in stupid_free, the less than high wattage sock puppet dramafarmer has struck again.

This time s/he has dug up an on-topic post from babyfur to mock. Unfortunately not a few members of the community succumb to the "LULZ. You said furry" mentality and miss the obvious lack of stupid.

This is not the first voyage for dramafarmer on the good ship USS Failboat. Check out this post from earlier in the week.

Now we all know this is a sock puppet creating from the dramagasm that was aegion, but who we don't know.

Over in trolltasticisms, musesong speculates that it is scottopic, while dwerenat believes it to be aegion herself.

The wank that never dies

Over in feminist, idealistagain decides to resurrect the strike through/bold through/whatever the kids are calling it these days wank, and asks if "the fact that the mass deletions so far have disproportionately targeted fanfic as well as gay and lesbian content (as opposed to, say, supporting the illegal Iraq war or promoting religious-based child abuse) is only an innocent coincidence....right?"

A few folks ask for clarification and a few others disagree with the post.

idealistagain follows this up with another post chock full of tl;dr where he again claims that
the fanfic deletions are part of a right wing plot:

"They have no problem with communities like anti-feminist, they have no problem with communities that promote exploitation of workers, they have no problem with racism, sexism, and homophobia. So all of these things are OK, but anything not in compliance with the agenda of the Far Right has to be censored with a heavy hand."

This time folks really aren't amused, and there is plenty more stupid from idealistagain in the comments.

"She was asking for it."

Over in bad_service, katesedgwick decides to post about her lousy haircut experience. Since it's a long entry, she kindly puts it behind a cut. Sadly for her, she entitles her post "Hair Rape" and entitles the lj-cut "I was asking for it."

The predictable explosion occurs when sweet_charade decides to call the OP out on her choice of wording. Wank occurs, with arguments mostly about the use and misuse of the English language, and the connotations of words.

However, IMO, the even bigger stupid is the post itself, in which the OP is practically handed an engraved note from the universe saying "Don't get your hair cut here, lady." and proceeds to ignore all the warnings. It's sort of like standing on the train tracks and saying it's bad service that the train hit you. Maybe, but all the warning lights, bells and whistles might have been a clue there that you summarily ignored. Maybe.
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Yeah, I'm *giggling* at CF_Hardcore, once again.

So, over in a post about the oddness of an anti-abortion commercial, which actually starts out pretty normally, wuchan decides to let everyone know exactly what happens when you don't have an abortion.

Keep in mind, the left "mother" (as wuchan calls them!) is the one who had the abortion. The right "mother" kept her child.

"The left one is successful in her career, has the freedom to do whatever she wants, lots of friends, relatives and pets that she loves, etc. The right one has greasy hair, dirty clothes, a mundane and stagnant existence as a SAHM, an unfaithful husband since her personality has changed so much, piles of debt, no freedom, list goes on."

Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three

frivolity wanted to share something with us here on stupid_free.

Unfortunately, that something was some random funny off teh intarnets, rather than appropriate material from some batshit lunatic on an LJ comm.

More unfortunately, our friend with the unpronounceable user name completely screwed the HTML.

But lastly, and most unfortunately, after about a dozen people had penetrated his/her mailbox with "WTF FAIL" responses, rather than laugh it off and accept a mailbox full of macros and abuse like a good l'il soldier, frivolity committed the unpardonable sin:

S/he deleted the post.

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Well hello, ladies and gentlemen. Long have I lurked here, but never have I been first on the scene of a stupid choice enough to report.

Until tonight.

Over in statements, prince_pensive, a newcomer to the community, apparently fails to read the rules and posts what damn near equates to an essay. Our one rule? Your post must consist of a single declarative sentence. Unfortunately, that post was baleeted before I could cap.

So our friend makes a new post instead, apologizing for breaking the rule--in two sentences. I politely quote our number one rule and mention that they may want to fix their post before a mod shows. The response I get is "oh" and no action taken. Then they act utterly shocked when amandathegreat puts on her mod hat, to the point of being a complete asshole out of bloody nowhere to our beloved mod.

Lulz ensue. The post was subsequently deleted, but not before I got caps. Meanwhile the lulz continue here.

Edit: You can't keep a good idiot down! More lulz here! Alas, baleeted before I could cap. Sad day.

Edit 2: We're saved by xdawnfirex, who capped the third post! 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, all submitted for your approval.
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