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August 19th, 2007

Meta Troll....

Over in stupid_free, the less than high wattage sock puppet dramafarmer has struck again.

This time s/he has dug up an on-topic post from babyfur to mock. Unfortunately not a few members of the community succumb to the "LULZ. You said furry" mentality and miss the obvious lack of stupid.

This is not the first voyage for dramafarmer on the good ship USS Failboat. Check out this post from earlier in the week.

Now we all know this is a sock puppet creating from the dramagasm that was aegion, but who we don't know.

Over in trolltasticisms, musesong speculates that it is scottopic, while dwerenat believes it to be aegion herself.
over in news, ljkrissy posts about the new LJ gifts, many of which involve going back to school, as well as some pepsi max sponsored pepsi icon things.

naturally1, people2 poop3 their4 pants5.

1Sponsored gifts?! What is this shit?
2thanks for selling out even harder live journal.
3How about we take a look at your very own post. "Diet Pepsi MAX has created some special stuff just for LJ in the hopes that you'll want to try their new drink that has zero calories, ginseng and extra caffeine." Paid and Permanent account users can see that 'special stuff' aimed at inducing people to buy a brand name product. Care to explain, LJ? Look, I even bolded all the important bits for you so you don't have to worry about overextending yourselves.
4I'm a paid account holder.

Please put this advertisement filled post underneath a cut, so as to keep up your end of the "paid users see no ads" agreement.


5I'm disappointed, but unsurprised.

I shouldn't even care anymore, since I've packed my bags and am moving on. But do you not see the problem here? Do you not see that you have users that have PAID to avoid ads. And then you cheerfully shove ads right in those same users' faces.

You are in violation of the contract between those users and you. This is not a new feature, this is advertising, and bluntly so even.


Over in innocence_jihad, vain_chan claws at the sky and rattles some sabres, while maidenmorticia brings alert to her comment about how, by promoting caffeine, LJ is promoting bodily harm, which goes against their TOS.

oh, and to help promote this battle against dark forces, telewoman_3 can't wait to raise money to sue LJ because "Placing ads on the news post and the free Pepsi V gifts is a clear violation of the contract between them and their paid clients." karma_kalisutah psyches everyone up because their lawyer fund has "over $200 in pledges to help them".

At least now I know why stupid_free has so many pepsi max gifts. Is anyone being VISUALLY ASSAULTED by pepsi icons yet? Am I missing out?

edit: prufrockssong needs pepsi max. stupid_free, assemble!

edit II: murdering, a maintainer of innocence_jihad, joins the party and remarks that some have been "reported you to Livejournal <3" and explains that "You going to my personal journal at all is against the rules". Not commenting in her journal, or something. just going there. if you read her journal, you're breaking TOS. But fear not! The Snots have been alerted!

"She was asking for it."

Over in bad_service, katesedgwick decides to post about her lousy haircut experience. Since it's a long entry, she kindly puts it behind a cut. Sadly for her, she entitles her post "Hair Rape" and entitles the lj-cut "I was asking for it."

The predictable explosion occurs when sweet_charade decides to call the OP out on her choice of wording. Wank occurs, with arguments mostly about the use and misuse of the English language, and the connotations of words.

However, IMO, the even bigger stupid is the post itself, in which the OP is practically handed an engraved note from the universe saying "Don't get your hair cut here, lady." and proceeds to ignore all the warnings. It's sort of like standing on the train tracks and saying it's bad service that the train hit you. Maybe, but all the warning lights, bells and whistles might have been a clue there that you summarily ignored. Maybe.

Strike One, Strike Two, Strike Three

frivolity wanted to share something with us here on stupid_free.

Unfortunately, that something was some random funny off teh intarnets, rather than appropriate material from some batshit lunatic on an LJ comm.

More unfortunately, our friend with the unpronounceable user name completely screwed the HTML.

But lastly, and most unfortunately, after about a dozen people had penetrated his/her mailbox with "WTF FAIL" responses, rather than laugh it off and accept a mailbox full of macros and abuse like a good l'il soldier, frivolity committed the unpardonable sin:

S/he deleted the post.

Screenie beneath.Collapse )

Aug. 19th, 2007

Well hello, ladies and gentlemen. Long have I lurked here, but never have I been first on the scene of a stupid choice enough to report.

Until tonight.

Over in statements, prince_pensive, a newcomer to the community, apparently fails to read the rules and posts what damn near equates to an essay. Our one rule? Your post must consist of a single declarative sentence. Unfortunately, that post was baleeted before I could cap.

So our friend makes a new post instead, apologizing for breaking the rule--in two sentences. I politely quote our number one rule and mention that they may want to fix their post before a mod shows. The response I get is "oh" and no action taken. Then they act utterly shocked when amandathegreat puts on her mod hat, to the point of being a complete asshole out of bloody nowhere to our beloved mod.

Lulz ensue. The post was subsequently deleted, but not before I got caps. Meanwhile the lulz continue here.

Edit: You can't keep a good idiot down! More lulz here! Alas, baleeted before I could cap. Sad day.

Edit 2: We're saved by xdawnfirex, who capped the third post! 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, all submitted for your approval.


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