August 18th, 2007

Wilson is God
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Meat is murder. Tasty tasty murder.

In cooking, autumn_sparks asks how to get more protein in her diet. Her mom is a vegetarian and won't buy her meat. It's asked and found out that she may be in high school and therefore is not able or not easily able to buy her own groceries.

It's not especially stupid until jazzbird gets on her high vegetarian horse saying she "doesn't blame [the OP's] mother one bit. Why should she purchase food she doesn't eat when she can fix perfectly healthful foods without it?"

ninaf attempts to inject some logic into the thread and even throws in a smiley face.

Apparently meat is harmful,and it's the same as an ice cream and bacon diet, but it has nothing to do with her!
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To quote Mister Slave:


In too_much_info, littlebluegrrl updates everyone on her cat, who had some premmie still born kittens that were rotting under her bed.  Sure, she realizes now that she should have spayed her cat, but she never expected it to get outside.  (Stupid, but eh.  it happens)  What happens in this nice update of a post though?

vacantseas starts a shit load of wanking over spaying the cat, and aborting the kittens.  a simple update post now has over 176 some comments of stupid.

Jesus playing a piano in a tittybar, this was overkill.

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*facepaws and blushies*

Over in... babyfur... sidnalybab is shy but is interested in the potential inherent in crapping oneself among peers who won't judge.

"I just wonder what cubbing out feels like. I'm afraid I would feel silly trying. I also am curious about diapers and things. I hear they feel good and nice. Those adult sized sleepers look comfy to. *blushes*"

thrashbear: "Hey there, no need to be embarassed, you're among furiends here :D

I'm laughing too hard to finish this.


this post has brought us facepaw, let's forgive me my mighty fail and enjoy the threads.