August 17th, 2007

Admit it...

You were lamenting the lack of food stamp wank in your life.

ETA: If you are so inclined, you may want to check out the OP's birthday in his profile. Now I love old men, but at that age, maybe he should be trying something more constructive than bitching on the internets? Perhaps?

ETA2: Well, the OP has apparently locked the post, along with deleting and disabling comments. Whatevs, there should be plenty of fuel in the comments here alone to keep this wankfire going for a good long while.
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An completely and obvious troll makes a post in bad_service.

About Pepsi.

It leaves many there scratching their heads and failboat comments.

Most bizarre troll ever?

I mean, honestly, trolling about PEPSI?

Edit: The little fucker left me a vgift. Who knows how to delete them?
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First Stupid yay!

Hi everyone. I know you all remember its_war, for she was recently featured here.

She posted her same thing again. Because omg, she's awesome and stupid.
Plus, she locked comments.

But hopefully this is an enjoyable small stupid.

Look at me! I don't care that I'll be featured again on stupid_free.

Officially, her userpic scares me. I'm new, long time lurker... :P

Edit: Here's the screencaps early just in case there's deletion.

It's another thrilling episode of "General LJ Hospital"

This is a small stupid, but only because the OP hasn't responded yet.
  has acne. Which is fine. She went to her doctor (notice: a REAL medical professional!) to do something about it. Also fine.

But then....
Collapse )

Now, as I said in the beginning, some of you may think this is a small stupid, but I tend to think that any "Dr LJ" questions are worthy of notice- especially when someone's fears are WAY off base, and they have no reason to be freaking out in the first place.

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So bearschattykat decides to post to parenting101 to warn parents about the autism "epidemic," and that parents need to watch for early signs to start treatment.  Others in the community comment that autism seems to be the new ADD when it comes to kids' diagnoses, and also that bearschattykat is a fear monger who has posted no links for sources of what "warning signs" to look for.

Lulz ensued when bearschattykat had a fit with the caps-lick key because the Gentle Readers of Parenting101 should understand that not only is she going to college for special ed, but she also homeschools two children.  Everyone else is ignorant, and since she's going to undergraduate studies, we should understand that she's an expert.  She gets extra points for the criticism on grammar when she runs out of steam, and eventually deletes her journal. 


In my favourite community mst3k, sugartastic makes an idiotic introduction/look at my Gaia page!

Gaia page you say? Well she included a Gaia account for Crow and made a 'cute' Crow-as-a-human character.

Thankfully, we have tits_or_gtfo who tells her to go back to Gaia.

And has a clever response! Complete with anime faces! =^-^=

1. You know, I never remember ASKING you if you liked the anime faces or if it was okay to use them. :)
2. Also, I never remember there being any rules as to whether or not I could post anything Gaia-related. I was just showing something that was MST3K-related and it happened to be Gaia -- there are plenty of crossovers of fandoms here and in all honesty, I don't CARE if it annoys you or any other person here. :) Get over it.
3. I'm not trying to 'win any friends'. And if you're so annoyed by the anime faces, DON'T READ MY POST. Go somewhere else, PLEASE. That's how I type and the way you write is annoying me but hey -- I'm not forcing you to stop.

Who the hell crosses MST3K with.. ANYTHING?!
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Like shooting fish in a barrel

Our favourite parenting community is at it again! Over in parenting101, bearschattykat makes a VERY vague post about how Autism is becoming an epidemic. She offers absolutely no backup, just that statement. The usual "define epidemic" debate ensues.

Small stupid? Yup, but it gets better in the comments when goodscagirl states OMGWTF It IS en epidemic and it is Mattel's fault...I swear, someone told me!!!1111.

There you have it folks, Mattel and their recalls are responsible for Autism

EDIT: We have flounce! bearschattykat has deleted her account (granted it was created the day before).

Already confused in my first trip into Booju

Before I start, I wanted to say I'm lovin' the Pepsi Maxes on the info page.  XD

Quick wtf before I head out of work for the day...

Is this man a pervert because he has my daughter, his kid and his wife call him "Daddy"???

I'm shocked at the amount of people that said that it's definitely weird and that they wouldn't let their child go on holiday with them.  I mean, way to jump to a conclusion! 

I don't know about any of you, but I remember my Mom and Dad calling each other Mom and Dad while I was growing up.

EDIT:  I have to add an edit because I don't want you guys to think that I don't realize that the daughter said that her friend's Dad "makes" her call him "Daddy".  My immediate thought was maybe he didn't want her to call him Mr., Sir, or by his first name.  So "Daddy" "Dad" may have just been easier as it is what his own kids call him.  I don't know.  I do think I'd be a bit miffed by it, but then again, I'm not a parent.  I was more or less just perplexed at how people reacted to it. 
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wtf_fa is a community where people laugh at the bizzare and disgusting stuff posted on, a popular furry art gallery.

I know what you're all thinking. Oh god, you say, when will those nasty furries go away?

But I bring news! There are actually some really, really clean furries. In fact, xvsharrax is one of them. She is so clean that she washes her vagina at least once an hour. This was inspired by the fact she began to preach at everyone that uncut penises are the grossest thing in the world, and doesn't seem to understand that some people have different preferences.

This post isn't too huge, and there are more comments spilling in continually, so I'll let you guys just have a look for yourselves as it comes in.

Also, please don't hurt me! First post here!

EDIT: It's locked now. Amusingly, people are asking for it to be unlocked. Also, xvsharrax has gone and deleted every single post she made there.

I guess she decided she couldn't play around on LJ anymore. She had missed her hourly vagina cleaning. ):