August 15th, 2007

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blacks and latinos are the same thing apparently

Over in ohnotheydidnt, de_wood post the cover of People En Espanol, complaining because Beyonce (who is black and not latina that we know of) is featured on the cover.

Everyone's comments pretty much are "Big deal, so what?" But then anidee proclaims:

"black/latina, same thing. Wasn't she on this same list last year too?"

Err, okay. I was not aware that black = latina/o - I will go let my mom know that she can no longer tell me I cannot bring a hispanic guy home since he's black too!

Small right now...and I know, ONTD - fish and barrel.

Oh and bonus: "Black people can't be racist!"

ETA: In case there's confusion - no I don't think it's okay that my mom is a bigot & yes, I know racism =/= bigotry.
internet mockery

"the ironing is delicious."

Warning! Daddy Issues.

For someone who wants to off themselves, they sure do a hell of a lot of tl;dr.

He's dead set [sic] on suicide, and yet:

"...I know that I'm a worthless pile of shit who only hasn't killed himself because he doesn't have the guts to do it. Part of me wishes I did. I cannot stand living my life like this, like some big bald ugly scumbag piece of human offal. The only thing that keeps me from smashing a glass in my face is the possible consequences re. employment."

"Once again, I want to kill myself. No "professional" can stop me, esp. since I'm unemployed and therefore not eligible for any kind of health care." <-- lol

"I wish the world were nice like I am... but that is not the case. People are hogs, and I need to stop viewing them as individuals... better to see them as expendable and to not care how they feel... after all, it's not like they regard me as anything more."

Where's that tiny violin?

EDIT: "lol his communities" (but don't troll his journal)

EDIT 2: People who are going to get police to go to his home need to stop. This is clearly, clearly drama whoring. -- People! It's whinging!

EDIT 3: Okay, after reading the journal, maybe I fail. But at least some good might come of it if my posting here got LJabuse involved.

My armchair sociology degrees, let me show you them

I've been absent for a bit but I checked back to see if this had been posted. If it was and I missed it, I clearly am a horrible person worthy of beatings.


A pretty routine post is made in bad_sex. Blahblah someone walked in on us blahblah boring 15 year old sex life shit. However, it was this excerpt that caught my eye:

"Jessi was...well, let's be honest. She was fat. She was fat when I met her, she was fat when I dated her, she was fat when I broke up with her all four times, and today, she is still fat. That being said, I've never ruled out dating someone because of weight before Jessi. I now do so only to the extent that weight factors into the practicality of sex. I'm sorry, but if it is more effort for me to move your weight around, than for me to move my weight around in the bedroom, something has got to give, and it ain't me."

But it's okay you guys, because he goes on to say all large women are good at blow jobs. So you're redeemed! After all, it's okay to be really really shallow only sometimes, as long as you give them a compliment after.

There more interesting part of it is in the comments, where suddenly everyone remembers that the plural of anecdote is data and they have a masters in sociology.

Perhaps this is because fat girls feel they need to overcompensate with good head as to not be left because of their weight.

Rly. I can't imagine where anyone would get that type of idea after the attitude of the OP.

And of course the best way to counter a bad stereotype is with another bad stereotype.

So in general I lol'd. I'm not sure what this girl's weight and a stereotype had to do with the classic "OOPZ WE FORGOT TO LOCK THE DOOR" story, outside of I guess adding a little shallowness and "LOOK AT ME I HAD SOME GOOD SEX" to the story. 'Cause nothing says cool like bragging in bad_sex.

((Unlocked as of posting. I know, because I'm not even a member of that comm and I can see it. :O))

ETA:Pls do not feed the troll unless you are willing to take it home with you.
the wall

Roaches are attracted to the color black, amirite?

Over in newyorkers, futurebird has encountered her first flying NYC roach. May God have mercy on her soul/apartment. People comment with similar horror stories and reassurance.

But the peace can't last for long. penelopexxx, you see, has never had that kind of problem. It's because she doesn't live in the projects because she's not black. Because black people crave squalor.

It's kind of small, but it's the kind of stupid that makes you go "What? Did she just - I'm sorry, what?"

Edit #1: One time, in a bio lab, we had to cut the leg off of a cockroach and do some crazy electrical experiments with it. Tru story. I flipped out and couldn't even watch until the leg was securely separated from the body by 5 feet. This was the first of many times I squealed like a little girl in a laboratory of college students.