August 14th, 2007

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Possibly a troll, but lulz were had

Over at bad_service, theentropist informs us that ice cream is indeed serious fucking business.

My favorite part:
She gives me my waffle bowl, and then I go over to pay her. She give me my total, I give her my money, and when she hands me the change (dollar fifty or something), she looks at the tip jar longingly. I laughed. She expects a tip when I had to wait twenty minutes to get to the line, another ten for her to make my ice cream, and then she doesn't even give me what I want OR a waffle bowl?

Stolen source code in case of deletion.

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Via thequestionclub, a great source for many lulz:

wild_root_fruit, on wearing a seatbelt: "Yes, it could aide in saving my life, but I feel like Someone is also - more than words could say - an aide in saving my life; I tend to trust Him...I even do crazy things like leave my car doors unlocked because I just feel like I am protected as a general rule."

purple_sand calls her out on being extremely stupid in her line of reasoning, which degenerates into a massive semantics and silliness wank.

naughtydolphin wins the thread with this gem: I really hope you put your son in an approved car seat with the correct restraints.

Unless you like the thought of your child being hurled around the car like a bowling ball thrown by a drunk if you get into an accident.

cottonmanifesto chimes in, stating that w_r_f is doing a disservice to God by failing to wear the seatbelt.

This explodes all over tqc_drama where thatbitchfiona posts a link to the wank. wild_root_fruit goes into a mllepomme hatefest , ending with calling thatbitchfiona "a flaming bitch" and telling her there's a special place in hell, just for you!


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Today I bring you two posts, both of them courtesy of thequestionclub.

First, a small stupid where kolden gets upset over a question/poll regarding a black actor playing batman and my inquiry as to why batman HAS to be white.

Next, a possible troll post where conceptualpete tells everyone he washes his hands BEFORE peeing but not after because his penis is "pristine".

My favorite quote from the second post is "I thought is was assumed that women always need to be washing their cooters 24/7. It's like a petri dish with shag carpet."
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angry but overly senitive techs

So Over in 

techsupportkatballou Posts a reasonable rant about one of her female users perpetuating the stereotypes of women being useless
The problem is she ends the post with the words "Please go die in a fire"


ohhjuliet  Decides to take offense at that and post what she claims was a tongue in cheek jab by saying You sound like you have major PMS today.

after a number of people condemn her on being just as sexist as the user the OP mentioned and begin telling her so, she waffles from both defending her joke, to condemning the OP for her bad taste in wording.

Now the fun doesn't end there as OhhJuliet then follows up with A whole new post . . . . that as i try and get the link seems to have been deleted :(  [edit to add link] but suffice it to say it was the usual "You're all mean and need to learn to take a joke" while still providing links to why she was right to crusade against the phrase "Go die in a fire"

W/o the other post or a link its not quite as good, but i hope you can still find some entertainment in the initial carnage

EDIT: readable version, will try and fix links

Edit 2: this should work

Edit III At the links end.


Stupid dental idea number 856

So, walruses thinks she has some cavities. Normal, right? Most Americans do. Well, her dad died, and she doesn't have insurance, and mommy won't be receptive at all if her little 14 year old self tells mommy about it. Where's the stupid?

She thinks it might be wise to extract the teeth herself.

Comment highlights: haywagonsmom warns of a person who died of an uncared for tooth infection and walruses's response is "I think I'll take that risk"

sharks_teeth points out that this is difficult, dangerous, and stupid to extract your own teeth. walruses replies by showing a complete lack of comprehension about the mouth.

Also, somehow, walruses insists that they are still her baby teeth despite her being 14 (or 15, depends on if you trust her, or her myspace page as linked from her userinfo).

No big drama wank really, but I thought it would be a nice quaint little stupid to introduce myself with. I've been watching for a while, and hoping I would eventually come up with a stupid to share...and so I have!

o rly?

In thequestionclub, j1980 says that You know, there are some americans in our town, they are mormons. I visited their meetings, and noticed, that they do a lot of grammatic mistakes and have poor knowledges in geography.

He also adds, "All of them were "anglosaxsons" from normal families of the middle class. (I mean, the illiteracy of "afroamericans" and "latinoamericans" can be explained by their life in criminal ghetto and all that, you know.)"

LOL. Troll?