August 12th, 2007


Aegion update

ETA: Just so I don't get pummeled into another incarnation by our hosts for being a dunderhead and reading the user info too fast: ban_dramafarms has been bahleeted (link to a cap of the one and only post here, and thanks to jananaphone for saving my ass on this fine evening).

Also, how many of you got this one before it went under??

Dear _____ _______ ____,

Your request to join the ban_dramafarms community has been declined. [Awwwwww..!]

Replies to this email are not sent to the community's maintainer(s). If
you would like to discuss the reasons for your request's rejection,
you will need to contact a maintainer directly.

Regards, Team

aegion and n_pacione now have one other thing in common as well: she's got her own Encyclopedia Dramatica page!!


Imperfect at the present time and the pics don't show up too well, but that's what wiki editing is for.

Links to most recent aegion brilliance here and here.

Have at it, and have some fun.

ETA (at 4:30 in the ayem, no less): Annnnnnnnnnd, she's finally here!! (Total mad props to whoever it was that got her out of bed for this.)

eliazar, out ridin' the drama range

Macro post...

Sarcastic and non-sensical macros have been a staple here at stupid_free for quite some time now.

At certain points, people went a wee bit overboard with the whole "omg if I fail, give me macros" thing but in general, I think that they have enriched our lives.

I know that there are some macros out there that deal specifically with stupid_free and the various people who have been featured here.
This latest debacle with aegion and ban_dramafarms has shown a wealth of new talent and ideas for macros and icons. The new icons I've snagged are fucking hilarious.

And so it's now time to share the love.


Post your stupid_free macros and icons, come up with them now, find them on your computer, if you have no photoshop-fu, use Roflbot

And yes, I got permission from sayonara_snot before making this post

Collapse )

Post yours, share the love.
Fresh Hell

Don't yoo juj me and my worship at the altar of the caffeine gods!

Over in hip_domestics, asscerbic needs a new beverage suggestion. She's cutting back on the Diet Coke, since it's all unhealthy and contributes to metabolic disorder and the like (supposedly anyway, what with all that new research). But she still needs a way to get the caffeine directly to her veins. She can't stand iced tea, can't drink iced coffee without adding too many extra calories to it, and apparently hates taste and freedom.

In comes prettydark, a sanctimonious, power mad, opinionated ne'er-do-well, who has the audacity to ask, "Why don't you just cut back on caffeine, too?"

Hijinks ensue.


Edit: And after all this, the suggestion that eventually appeases asscerbic is putting real sugar in some iced Nescafe. Real sugar! Of all the outlandish ideas!
megan lick

ana + multiple + drama = lulz

I missed all the aegion lulz! Damn my work schedule. Thankfully, one of my favorite species of internetters have been working hard to make it up to me.

Over at multiplicity, amyystar63 shares her multiple woes with a sympathetic audience. These include a wild child named Jakie and the evil therapist who had the state take her license away when her two-and-a-half year old personality found herself driving a car. People commiserate.

"Jakie" then posts a somewhat more hysterical version of the same thing, although this time another commenter with "amazing driving children" pops up. I see these people on the roads all the time, actually, so that's not so surprising.

Then, in a shocking twist, "Jakie" breaks away and makes her OWN journal, jak_ay, and makes a post whining about how Amy doesn't let her do fun things like sleep with random guys and not be anorexic. People attempt to counsel her but some begin to smell the smelly smell of troll.

Needless to say, when amyystar63 finds out about this, she is shocked, hurt and frightened. Commenters attempt to sort through this. In their attempts, we learn that schizophrenia is an "experimental illness", among other things. The "headmate" of the individual who made the trolling accusation comes in to apologize for his behavior. We also learn that her disassociation began after abuse in foster care. Someone should alert owlsarentaholes.

amyystar63 returns to ask how to get control over Jakie. People advise against this, and one member relates that attempts to do this "led to a nasty chimp-like dominance struggle between two members" in his system. I am personally interested in methods of flinging poo through the astral plane.

Finally, we achieve flounce. People of Kansas, you watch yourself on those roads now, y'hear?