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August 10th, 2007

TQC stupid.

thatbitchfiona asks "Do you think Palestine is a real place?", and pluswhat replies:

If I knew what Palestine is, maybe.

pluswhat says s/he is serious, and is 17.

Please let this be a troll.


Over in bad_service, a post is made about a rude girl. (Not stupid)

Someone agrees about grocery store bad service, and tells a story of her own. (Not stupid)

dewprisms  decides it's the perfect time to be freetarded.  

Small, but delish.

Aug. 10th, 2007

Frumpy Flower, aka sensual_blossom, thinks people will care about her FAAAABULOUS life in Tennessee and her COUTURE clothes (read: Ann Taylor) in yet another handbag community.

It's a small stupid, but I figure that this community wouldn't have LET IT GO yet :) :) :)

EDIT: I fail, cruel community! I thought "intro posts" in general were mock-worthy and especially considering the back story but I guess not :(


This is some self made META STUPID now. ::Points at self, laughs at teh failing::
rdhdsnippet asks booju_newju, "what action or belief would it take for your child to do to make you feel like you'd truly failed as a parent?"

rdhdsnippet starts the fun with "I am an atheist, so to me, killing someone or something is truly about the worst thing you can do. I could understand if he killed someone because he was angry, but if he did it intentionally I would really feel like I had done something wrong raising him."

So, remember kids. Killing someone on purpose is bad. If your child is prone to go into blind murderous rages, that's not as bad.

Naturally, most comments were insane extremes that state obvious things like "I'D BE A BIT DISAPPOINTED IF MY CHILD TURNED INTO A MURDERING PEDOPHILE RAPIST," because in LJ-land there are nothing but super duper extremes.

Some highlights:

lickintoadz replies, "I think if one of my sons grew up to be a serial pedophile (scratch that, a one-time pedo is enough)"

I feel similarly. Personally, if I raised a serial killer, I'd be a bit disappointed. Wait, wait, any kind of murderer. Well, not if said person killed with knives. Guns? Maybe. Knives? Not so much. Wait wait, knives too. Yes, any kind of criminal murder is bad. I'm glad I had this conversation with myself. Was I? Yes, yes I was. Wait, you're still here? I could just delete this instead of still typing? Huh? Oh. Okay.

owlsarentaholes shockingly states, "I would feel like a failure as a parent if my kids became conservative, racist, pro-adoption, anti-choice, military/secret service, or participated in senseless killing or serious violence of any sort."

Now, remember. You have the choice to abort, but damnit if you have that child you better keep it or else you fail at life!

Oh, and avoid working for the secret service.

ilovenirvana, for some crazy reason, replies, "Registering as a Republican."

Yep, no clue why she feels that way.

bizwac vegans up the place with, "if they ate meat," while thunderofsins made a social woopsie by going, "I'd feel that I'd failed if she (or any future children) turned out to be a murder, rapist, child abuser/molestor, non-christian or was just one of those people that everyone hates because they are so rude and judgemental."

Because thunderofsins, can't stand non-christians. no judgement, though! but if it was a murder-rapist-non-christian? oh boy.
Oh dear god.

Why do I stay in customers_suck? Could it be because they throw stupid around like Chimps and shit?

goth_is_not_emo posted about how a little girl came in with a cast on for 'therapy.' She then uses some serious lateral thinking to come up with visions of torture and child abuse. Even though, you know, there may be a legitimate reason that has nothing to do with her brother being forced not to use his Satan hand to write.

When commenters pop up with possible alternatives, she/he/it proceeds to argue with them, using her amazing deductive skills as a LJ doctor.

Small, but you can bet good money it will get better.

Edit: In my enthusiasm I forgot to link to the post itself sans comment thread.

Return of the Edit: Dammit. BAHLEETED. :( Any text?
MOAR EDIT: Text taken from druid_va's entry in c_suck_snark

Some of the entry:

Ok, so today this little girl and her mom come in, girl's about 5. She's wearing a pink cast on her left arm. We're talking it covers everything right up to the armpit. I ask, "What happened to your arm, sweetie?" Her mom says, "Oh, her arm's not broken, this is just therapy."

For a split second, I was confused. Then, I remembered when my younger brother was learning to write, and Dad would put a splint on the fingers of his left hand, to force him to write right-handed. It didn't work, but I never forgot it.

And some captures!: Wonderful screenshots here! via c_suck_snark and aronstale

(It is a cooperative effort today.)

anthologies is hard, y'all.

over in chicago_gothic, our darling nicky challenges the awesomest scene queen ever carriemonster to make her own anthology.  like all nicky wank, there's just too much to point out over there.

Multi Post - But New and Improved!

My good internet friend sensual_blossom makes an intro post to handbag_fetish. Not stupid at all.

addienfaemne then makes a dramariffic comment about how my BFF sensual_blossom has also been mentioned in stupid_free. The stupid begins.

That might have been the end of it, but sweet, silly sensual_blossom has a small problem with quitting while she's ahead. Not one to ever let a comment go unanswered - regardless of whether it was even addressed to her, in many cases - she responds thusly:

I don't read too many communities so I don't know about the community you are talking about. I can say that just by looking at the user page for that community, it seems rather a childish place where people think that Jesus Christ died and left them in charge of passing judgment on people. It has been my experience that people that engage in such behavior are often cutting others down in an attempt to replace feelings of inadequacy within themselves.

OK, so you don't know the community she's talking about. But you do feel that you can pass judgement upon it based upon the information you've gleaned from our user info page. And that judgement is:



I thought JC was all about tolerance and not passing judgement and all of that? Oh well, sensual_blossom is a super smart college professor, so I guess I'll just accept her version of Jesus over the bible's.

And no, it's not stupid at all to spout off about something you have no actual knowledge of. Not at all!

I chime in with a macro, and am immediately told by an apparently butthurt aegion that I am obese and should fuck off, and sensual_blossom reminds me to stay on topic.

I thought the topic was stupid_free and how you know nothing about the community but it sucks anyway and people shouldn't judge like Jesus did???

Aaaand, we have a deletion! So very surprising, who would have ever predicted that sensual_blossom would delete a post???

That S_B lady is so clever!

Surely, nobody could have predicted that sensual_blossom would be deleting everything in sight like she always does, and took screencap of the main thread and all subthreads!

And the fun continues in my personal journal! Aegion just HAS to get in the last word, who CARES if it's my personal journal and not a community! Funny how she won't come over here, though. P.S. I love all you stupid_free people and you are more than welcome to comment in my personal journal for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

Small but may grow...

Okay, so nakedemperor posts a mere two sentences.  One on topic, one not.  The whole thing reeks of 'I am being vague and therefore am enlightened', and an attack on religion.  In a community that has nothing to do with religion.
Which immediately spawns responses in all caps and of general 'WTF??'
I made a post about my, er, youthful indiscretion as a teenager (I was fifteenish, I think) in brutal_honesty in which I talk about how I ejaculated onto a cat's face. Which, honestly, probably qualifies as "stupid," but whatever, I was a different person at that time and I feel bad about it now. Poor cat. Okay I confess as bad as I feel I still chuckled a little thinking about that.

sejabop takes it very personally:

"I fucking hate you.
If I ever meet you, which I hope I do, I will cut your fucking dick off and shove it down your throat and then staple your fucking mouth shut till you choke and die. And then I will train my cats to use your rotting body as a litter box.
You are a fucking disgrace.
I would insult you more, but I don't like to spend to much time on FUCKMOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

Edit: For a good time, check out http://www.stuffonmycat.com/

Edit 2: Naturally, if I'm not bringing the tranny wank to you, the tranny wank comes to us!
This probably qualifies as grudge wank, but it's too ridiculous and worthy of being here to pass up.

A day or two ago sundayschildx types up her feelings about the violence in Hitchcock's Frenzy over in moviebuffs. It greatly disturbed her and she did not like it and wanted to share her opinion in a community with thousands of members. Fair enough.

A couple of people, including polyester_queen posted responses disagreeing with her thoughts on the movie and violence in film, etc. Apparently, dissenting viewpoints are unacceptable! HOW DARE YOU?! DIENOWPLZ. So she deletes their comments, disables commenting and edits her post and calls everyone who commented on her post "assholes" . Nice!

polyester_queen posts a new response in another post telling her how childish and idiotic deleting and disabling comments is and that she should have posted it to her own journal if she didn't want to hear what other people had to share on the subject.

Lots of crybaby wank and accusations hurled about cyberbullying and being meaniehead bitches ensues (they say that like it's a bad thing? *confused*). sundaychildx's venomous reply is especially mind-boggling and hilarious (at the bottom of the page), and what prompted my thought "oh God! I have to post this to stupid_free, this is fucking totally ridiculous and stupid_free gold!"...

For clarity:
- original post.
- response with all the idiocy & lulz. Enjoy!

Revenge of the Snarked!

It has come to my attention that some people who have been featured here at stupid_free are very upset by this and feel super angry and victimized.

So, why don't you guys tell us about it? Comment and tell us how being featured in stupid_free has ruined your life forever. If you were also forced against your will to become a member of stupid_free please include that information as well.

Hopefully we'll be able to heal together as a community and all become better people.


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