August 8th, 2007

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First stupid; here goes nothing.

In eikaiwa, a community for English teachers living in Japan, someone makes a post about canned tuna that turned out to be "brown and weird." The poster wants to know if this is normal or if she got a bad batch, and while she does state "This country is weird. lol. ^_^;" that's not the stupid. (I don't think anybody can disagree with the weirdness of Japan.)

The stupid comes in the first comment, where rubyhatchet states: I avoid most Japanese products... despite what Japanese people might think, they're just as nasty as some American foods. At least in America, I know what the heck I'm eating.

So she chose to pick up and move to a country with a rich, fascinating and diverse cuisine-- but she subsists on, what, imported corn flakes and Campbell's Soup because Japanese food is "nasty" (and the Japanese are fools for eating it!). Also because it's too much trouble to learn a little of the language so she can find out "what the heck she's eating."

Unlocked at time of posting.

Ana/mia and more slash wank

Some spectacular wank breaks out on lj_biz when users ask why self-harming ana/mia communities are allowed to stay on LJ while their slashporn had to go.

LJ explains that pro-ana communities are about support, not harming yourself!

Feast on some of the spectacular stupid in these threads.

Edit: damn. I suck. I missed the first one completely.

Edit again: Starving yourself isn't self-harm. True fax.
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Pedophilia = racism. Tru fax, guys.

Apologies if this is a repost or whatever. Checked two pages back and couldn't see anything, so.

Over in tqc_drama, someone posts about a user who has mother/son incest fantasies and who really, really wants a baby boy. She rants about her SO not wanting a baby, and the usual "does he have the right to say we won't have a child" debate happens in TQC. tqc_drama seems to be either divided between praising the user in question for having control of her urges or saying it's disgusting and she shouldn't be allowed children.

Then thewretchedhole shows up and compares paedophilia to racism, saying that it's okay because "[I will further incite that] the pro-pedophile activist movement implores that consent [from the child] is essential."

If this isn't stupid enough, report me to LJ abuse or something.

EDIT: Original post from TQC in post up thar ^

EDIT #2: Bah, it appears the post in question is locked. Sorry 'bout that, guys.

EDIT #3: NOW WITH EXTRA UNLOCKED GOODNESS! Thanks, ten_of_swords! :D
Bite me.

Small, but damn stupid.

Over on polyparents and polyfamilies, fine_clarity advertises a new community for polyamorous atheists, called (reasonably enough) poly_atheists. Well and good, in my opinion.

However, s/he makes the following brilliant questionable statement:

Polyamorous parents likely have an even higher proportion of atheists than polyamorists in general, because polyamorous parents are rational enough to reject the 'childfree' doctrine.

Childfree DOCTRINE?? When did that happen? Besides, there are just as many irrational reasons to have children as there are rational reasons not to have them (and vice versa).

As a polyamorous theistic parent, I am not impressed with this.
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Bare midriff = prostitute!

Over in the toronto community, we have our own village idiot by the name of everard. He usually posts irrelevant posts not pertaining to well...anything. Today, someone posts about a prostitution crackdown in one area of the city, to which everard responds with the following:

Saturday night I had the pleasure of driving downtown, at Richmond and Church I couldn't tell the prostitutes from the women celebrating the Caribana weekend. The cops even looked confused.

What I'm wondering, and what I turn a blind eye to is how slutty some girls dress while downtown. On any night between Thursday to Sunday the clubbers must get suspicious looks from cops believing them to be prostitutes.

When will this become another profiling nightmare for the police?
That's the potential news story.

Only two comments as of yet, but usually people jump all over his stupid and he responds with more stupid than you could shake a stick at. Ahh, the toronto community. Always unlocked, always full of morons.

Edit: Now with link to post goodness!
Edit II: He is being attacked by leftist socialists aka anyone who doesn't agree with him.