August 7th, 2007


Nothing like good old fashioned stupid

More ohnotheydidnt stupid. In a post about Yao Ming's wedding, fhaid asks whether Asians think all Caucasians look alike. A pretty dumb question, but nattiecakes gives a reasonable answer about how it has to do with the types of faces you're exposed to the most when you're younger.

fhaid then posts the gem, "...i don't know if it's considered latin or whatever, i'm from kuwait...". iprevail corrects her saying "'latin'? wtf. if you want to be general, you're ARABIC. do you even know where 'latin' people come from?".

fhaid, in all her glory, then says: "i know i'm arabic i didn't mean latin as in "speak latin" or come from wherever they come from, i meant as a race, i know i realized that latin isn't a race lol. but kinda similar.
i mean arabs and latins do look the same".

Lulz abound.
Dead bird stickie

"you are not women for man women you are freaks"

More of a deep sigh than a stupid, flagpoleman decides to troll several pagan communities with his special brand of manliness, posting several delightful (and very NSFW) pictures and telling us wimmin how we should be behaving.

It has affected pagan_uk, naturalwitches and nonwiccanwitch on my list, and no doubt a few more. They will probably be deleted soon enough, but it is good to know our favourite Gorean is alive and well and still horrible.

Isn't he just such a gem?

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Give a dog a home

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akinkyprofile would like to say 'fuck you' to lots of different things.

- He would like to say 'fuck you' to his roommate who can't handle his enormous wang and is too "sappy"
- He would like to say 'fuck you' to people who think the whole dogfighting thing is atrocious, because hi, dogs are food in other countries
- He would like to say 'fuck you' to people who post in sex-related communities trying to make things more interesting, because they are dumb fucks who will fuck it up anyway

He also doesn't like it when hardtogetover asks him to expound on the whole 'dog eating country' thing.

He also wants to fuck his cousin.

BTW, do people in the UK eat dog? I had no idea.
PoT(live action): Ryoma - walk away

Adoption = abuse? Why of course!

Small stupid so far.

It all begins with a post in booju_newju. It's about a 13 year old girl who shoots her father in the face, after years of sexual abuse. In the first comment the post takes a turn for the worst when owlsarentaholes puts her two cents in.

It's the same old "blah blah blah adoption is evil." until we get this nice comment...

cumaeansibyl What if she were placed with a family that was not abusive?
owlsarentaholes Adoption itself is abusive. Just because she's been treated poorly by her own father doesn't mean she deserves to have her name taken from her, her birth certificate altered, and all other relations cut out of her life both in law and in practice. She deserves a safe and loving home with people who will respect her for who she is, with no expectations.

Okay so it's still adoption is evil but abusive also? Good to know I've been abused for nearly my whole life by an adoption hating LJ user D:

I knew jessy would jump in as soon as I saw...
Second debate: Do anti-adoption enthusiasts have any room to debate against adoption having been a better idea here (than the child staying with her sexually-abusing father)? Seriously, now.

-From outcrazyophelia

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Over in bmezine, leer asks for people to band together with a formal complaint against a hospital in regards to misinformation about MRIs and piercings/tattoos.

However, she is the one misinformed. It also turns into her own personal grudgewank against the hospital.
the road less traveled

Porn is wrong but eating disorders are A ok!

 The official word from LJ/6A is that  porn involving fictional characters  will be TOSed for having no artistic merit

But pro-anorexia comms that  encourage REAL people to starve themselves to death  are not TOSable because they  promote "healing"

 Abuse reported filed and ignored

  Official  LJ staffer makes a statement

  I have to go scream and hit things now, and maybe read porn .