August 6th, 2007

Stupid Pet Owners-Not Dunaerin!

In the recent Dunaerin post, we were linked to an entry about dunaerin not being able to keep her rats. But Dunaerin is not our victim this time!

lilenth, with apparently no Spider experience herself, declares it's evil to keep baby tarantulas in pill bottles. A tarantula raiser, kiffie politely corrects her.

Wank ensues, which follows this basic formula:

"I raise tarantulas. You're supposed to put them in pill bottles, or they panic and die."

"No, they're obviously uncomfortable in there, it's cruel to put them in the little place with no leaves!"

"No. Dude. They will all die."

"They're unhappy!"



Repeat for what really feels like several dozen comments. Lilenth refuses to listen, Kiffie refuses to give up, and when s/he finally does, lilenth still bitches.

This is my first post that isn't Grudge-wank and meta! I think congratulations are in order. No, it's my second. Fiddle-faddle and confundation.
they're all gonna laugh at you!

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Over in coworkers_suck, the_ninja_style posts about a co-worker she suspects of stealing food -- specifically, her pregnant-lady granola bars (they have prenatal vitamins). People are amused.

Later, she posts about catching him red-handed eating another granola bar, and how he gets written up for stealing food.

dunaerin, who STILL hasn't gotten over the death of her scorpion, throws some kind of CF fit about "moo bars" and uppity pregnant ladies, and accuses the OP of being a "princess" who's just trying to get the poor guy fired. Those damn moos, with their following corporate policy and everything.

Also, deducing that a product sold in a pink wrapper is probably marketed toward women is supporting the gender hierarchy, never mind that it's true or anything.

(In part 3 of the story the n00b gets fired for pizza theft, but the drama hasn't shown up there, yet.)

EDIT: Can someone find the previous dunaerin stupid for me, about the scorpion? I think there was also another one involving her at least tangentially. Maybe we need a tag.

EDIT AGAIN: The scorpion saga, part 1 (thanks outcrazyophelia!)

MOAR EDIT: Comments deleted! BOO! On the plus side, windypoint found a great post about The World's Best Pet Owner getting rid of her rats because she didn't know they required work.

EDIT OF WIN: tokudama got screencaps! YAAAY!

HOLY SHIT: Journal deleted! I wonder if it was the shota.

Your Daily Dose of WTF-ipidity

soapboxrhetoric, on the war in Iraq: we paid money to kill off the stupids who went to war.

The stupids?

There may be an argument somewhere that the people who enlist are stupid (although I'd probably throw in some issues of classism and opportunity,as well as avoid using the term "stupid" myself), but alas, all intelligence is tossed to the wayside as soapboxrhetoric supplements zir argument with a photo from the Matrix movie.

from Russia, with scams.

(not a huge stupid/not much wank.. but it's my first post, and it amused me. if it doesn't suit the community, feel free to delete)

over in ipod, obytrice wants your credit card number. but don't worry - he doesn't want to steal any money from you. apparently the iTunes store doesn't think Russia is a valid country; thus obytrice can't sign up at the store. he'll take any card.. zero balance.. old.. invalid.. zero money or zero credit limit on it. yeah sure, except for the fact that a credit card carries all of your other personal shit on it.

we only have $50 here!.. really? then maybe an IPOD wasn't the smartest investment.

I just do not understand what kind of harm I can do to a person.. except for drain their bank account & get access to a ton of their personal & financial information. yeah.. completely hazard free.

Oh, lul.

I was trying to find SOMETHING to do this morning when I read this charmer in customers_suck.

hey guys,
so i was thinking that all these sucky storys would make a great book! so i've decided to do just that.
if you want to have one or more of your best storys in this book all you have to do is:

1. Write out your storys so they have good grammer and are easy to follow. ( no swearing)

2. send them along with your name, your state/provnce, and your job to
(also email here if you have any questions)

3. at the bottem of your e-mail please fill this out

I (full name) give my consent for this story (Title) to be used for publication.

Thanks for your help. {P.S if you have any negative comments please keep them to yourself}

Facts to consider:
1) When one tells others to use correct grammar, s/he should use it his/herself.
2) Who in his/her RIGHT MIND would give their name, state AND job when complaining about one's workplace?!
3) For another lul: "{P.S if you have any negative comments please keep them to yourself}"
4) Wonderful comments here, here, and here.
megan lick


WARNING: If you are allergic to teal deer, you might want to stay away. These bitches like to talk. Unless of course you just want to make a personal rant about entitlement bitch students or mean professors, that's fine too.

Over at academics_anon, a young undergraduate gripes about the terrible oppression of attendance policies. To a group of graduate students and college professors.

People accordingly justify their reasons for having an attendance policy. This does not satisfy our hero. He goes on to demand that asking questions should merit a grade boost (which produces this amusing tangent that should be cut out and posted in classrooms across the country). Then he announces that he should not be punished for skipping class, EVER, and follows that up by talking about the time he wrote up a four-page response to a prof with a policy and calling policies an "abuse of power." It's not him being a little bitch, though, no; he's just trying to get students everywhere a fair shake, it's totally not ABOUT him. HE RLY MEANS IT OK. In fact, it's just like gay marriage or the war in Iraq. Despite antagonism from the audience, he stays strong and demands the right to swallow cyanide if he damn well wants to! Though our little trouper is being slowly worn down by harsh reality, he vows never to relinquish his special snowflake status. What an inspiration to us all.