August 4th, 2007


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Over in ohnotheydidnt, Britney Spears is caught with a knock-off Chanel bag.

babaycakes0088 looks down upon people who own fake bags. Because it's somehow more pathetic to buy a cheap bag instead of a bag that costs thousands and essentially does the same thing.


guiltysweater: what a fucking pointless thing to spend money on, especially since those expensive bags are made in the same Bangladeshi sweatshop as the knock-offs.

thruyourveins: designer bags are usually made in italy, etc., not bangladesh

guiltysweater: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


oh, i haven't laughed that hard in ages. thanks.


pinkimartini: for me that I spend good money on investing in my bags and then to see someone carrying around a fake 50 dollar bag...that makes me sooo angry.

I spend all that money to look trendy and fashionable and it really pisses me off that somebody was able to look EXACTLY LIKE ME at a fraction of the cost!!11!1!
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In this thread, papananook claims that people hate Barry Bonds because he's black, and not because he's a jerk who used steroids.  Lots of people disagree, and offer good evidence that this is not the case.

And later, fsfwannabe makes an ass of him/herself when s/he tells papananook, "I think you are a disgusting excuse for a human being," based on the aforementioned wank.  Lots of name-calling ensues. 

papananook follows it all up with a Flounce Comment.

Classy thread all around, and baseball wank is serious business!
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