August 3rd, 2007

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LJ/6A is at it again...

Livejournal's new TOS is causing problems, now that a Harry Potter artist has been suspended for artwork.

Here's a link to all the usual madness. Fandom freaks out. LJ makes a news post that doesn't say anything about it. News post is full of people with anti-LJ icons singing songs and demanding an explanation. To make things new and different, journals suspended by LJ no longer get a strikethrough, just a bold underline. Many people call conspiracy on this.

Oh LJ, and we thought you had learned after the last big journal suspension fiasco... tsk tsk.
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Too stupid to pass up

Ah, customers_suck. Hours of entertainment.

Here is a poster who claims to tutor English and has a bad experience with someone wanting a math tutor.

I call "bullshit" though, because no one who tutors anyone in English would type so badly. No capitalization, no use of grammar, rampant inability to spell properly...

Again i will state, i am a tutor and ghost writer for an online company. This means i conduct my business online (i can not SEE my customers!) I am qualified to tutor in the subjects of english, writing, psychology and history. This is all relavent to the suck. There is no other way to post it then as a transcript.

Yeah. Sure. English tutor. Right.
Give a dog a home

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Over in the safe space that is vaginapagina, a mod note reminds members to be inclusive of all members, so saying 'ladies' or 'girls' is not acceptable.

in VAGINApagina.

EDIT: Wow, 700+ comments! And not a cat macro in sight! I'm just glad I turned off email notifications around 100 comments.

I'm not butthurt that many people don't find it stupid. I'll admit, I did not think in-depth about it before hitting "post entry". I VALIDATE YOU ALL.


On the snopes_dot_com feed, they posted a nice little story about a guy saving a deer's life that was lost out at sea (yeah, I know that sounds weird).

In the article, the guy jokes about meeting the deer again during open day of hunting season and that causes a SERIOUS DEBATE about it. Including such pressing issues whether the animal actually had the cognitive ability to process this statement as a threat.

Small stupid, but it combines sooo many things

calysto posts about a 40 year-old woman who's just had her 17th child over in useless_facts.

Most of the comments are tame; some give kudos and some don't understand why people would have that many children. Then along comes kharmii.

Noone ever complains about the people on welfare that shit out 12 kids and make me pay for them! You people make me sick, complaining about stuff like this. How about all you nerds shut off your computers and go play with your animal-children outdoors. X-(

So.. let's see:
Welfare wank - check
Single mothers wank - check
Religion wank - check
A bit of childfree wank - check

And just for a twist we have this:
Just for conversation sake, would any of you call this family 'disgusting' if they were poor blacks or hispanics?

No replies to that one, yet, but come on.

ahhhhh spiders!!

r4 makes a post in <lj comm="austin_texas"> about a billboard of a giant spider in downtown austin and how it scared the shit out of him.  yeah, the original post was a little stupid, but the real humor is in the comments.  especially him calling other commenters self-righteous whores for no reason.

pretty small, but eh, today's a boring day.