August 2nd, 2007


Can't we all just get along? We're here for the animals!

I suppose this could be labeled a grudge wank since I took part in this, but one comment was so bad, I had to post this.

Over in SPO, airukitsu makes a post about a dog coming in with matted fur. He/she writes specifically about the ethnicity of the person who has brought in the dog. A few posters get riled up about this, and attempt to explain why. airukitsu does not comprehend why this is a big deal and finally decides that we must be 'all Mexican and wish they weren't so they take offense to the word?'

Perhaps some people were right that the PC police, myself included, were being overzealous (hey, I'm just that leftist). But then airukitsu lost all my sympathy with that lovely joke. That's a good one, airukitsu!
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Oh, booj...

A news article is posted to booju_newju, detailing a woman who abandoned 3 babies in a 2 year period. Most everyone agrees that her children should be taken away from her, and she should be sterilised.

Everyone except owlsarentaholes:
I think she should have to go through a certain amount of time in a mental health facility -- sane people don't do what she did. I also don't think jail is particularly appropriate as she doesn't seem like a danger to society.

If she successfully completes her time in a mental health facility and can show that her home is safe for her children, I think she should get them back. A kid slipping out of the house twice doesn't count as neglect in my book, as long as she can show that she's added locks and other provisions to keep them in.


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airukitsu makes a post in stupidpetowners about a Mexican man who didn't speak English very well, who brought his dog in to be groomed and went wtf at why the animal was totally shaved (it was severely matted). The man asked what to feed the dog, there were some o_O looks, turns out he feeds the dog raw chicken.

There's some minor pet food wank on the raw feeding vs. kibble, but then suddenly, everyone goes nuts over the fact that it was mentioned the man was Mexican in the original post (since edited, no caps sry D:). UNCALLED-FOR, NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT, etc etc.

Observations =/= racism, kids.

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draconisangelus posts a link over in antiyaoi.

Her summary says "ew pedo," but her post says "EW THE GHEY!"

It's not a LJ TOS violation if she does it to herself on a public board.
And I don't think that it's a TOS violation to suggest that the general area of the internets around said link are worth as much lulz as or more lulz than the link itself, either! Just don't go trolling or something.

Edit: OH AND THERE WAS WANK! FABULOUS, FABULOUS WANK!! TY, atlantapendrag (and jazzpizza) <3!

Edit 2: Totally unrelated to anything in the post (as is his way), but lolcrafty shows up and brings the stupid to us. Shows up and, Edit 3, explicitly states that one of his posts (the only one, in fact, in which he actually linked to something stupid) was a soshul exparouiemnat.