August 1st, 2007

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For those who get off on religion wank:

thequeenofpink makes a post about Gwen Stefani's concert in Kuala Lumpur being canceled because some students think she's indecent.

She closes the post with: So, obviously, I'm from California, therefore desensetized, but I'm really having a hard time understanding what is "indecent" or "obscene" about Gwen's shows. I mean, now that Akon and Lady Sov are no longer opening up for her, even moreso. But, I'd really like to see it from another perspective.. Can anyone explain from their point of view so I can get some sort of idea?

Comments as normal, some people point out the fact that Gwen might be considered a little immodest for some tastes.

Expected explosion ensues when
pelican_dust says "Fuck Muslims."

They go on to justify their opinion with: "Look. If the Mormons were always in the news for bombing people and causing havoc then I would have said "Fucking Mormons".

Big deal."

For me, the stupid came out when hypocrisyetal educates us all about the true nature of Islam's most sacred tenets.

I'll call troll on pelican_dust, but hypocrisyetal seems way too invested in the argument to be an ontd troll.

Here goes nothing.

So, Resident Evil 5 is coming out in 2009. Nice graphic yaddy yaddy yadda. But it's set somewhere in Africa, so, we have black zombies. Check. We have big white man coming in to kill off hoards of these black zombies. Check. We have race wank? Check and check.

Someone posts about an artical where someone is *gasp* offended by the big white man shooting a bunch of black people who appear stupid. I wonder why...? Que the typical 'people get offended too quickly' and whining about white girls not getting to kill thier black zombies. Which isn't happening, but they like to whine like someone's gonna take it away.

And my personal favorite quote:
"So because someone might be part of one minority group, they're allowed to tell the majority group what they're allowed to think and say about them? That's far more oppressive than telling someone how you think they ought to feel about something."
Because A - We all know the minorities are FORCING their thoughts upon the majority

Lots of whining about people forcing others to be PC and how it's JUST A GAME and that everyone KNOWS they're just viral zombies.

The stupidest part is how many of then just flat out refuse to see that it could be offesive to someone and how many of them assume that everyone should know about these zombies. Ehhhh.

She loves racism

lutine posts her tale of woe in bad_service. It starts off grimly enough: lutine desperately wants a sundae and heads to a restaurant, only to be ignored by the wait staff. Other customers were made to wait before a member of the wait staff took their payments. lutine and her husband sit in their booth for 40 minutes without receiving service. They decide to leave and, on their way out, her husband, "the most understanding and calm people in the world," loudly condemns the service (something that would have proved useful 40 minutes earlier, no doubt).

Ah, but the stupid has another savory layer...

"And while I hate to say it, the fact that we were the only customers being blatantly ignored and also the only white people in the restaurant is really fucking coincidental. I love racism."

It's small now, but just you wait.
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I Enjoy Pasta Because My House is Made of Bricks!

You know, I almost didn't post this. I wasn't sure if there was a way to qualify this entry in the annals of the painfully not bright without coming down on a certain side of any of the possible debates.

But then I realized: this entry, this potential post in our beloved stupid_free is not about criminal rights verses the victim rights. It's not about privacy or reproductive choices or even who we think about electing to our various government offices. This stupid is about people making dumbfucks out of themselves in public! Something we can all enjoy. And boy is it chock full of dumb.

The catalyst for the stupid is an article on MSN about a pedophile who goes around announcing that he is a pedophile, but claims he has never laid a hand on a child.
No matter how you slice is, the subject of the article, one Jack McClellan, is not a bright cookie. Alas, I don't think he hangs out on LJ so we can't go mock him in such-and-such a comm he happened to post in.

The article ends up posted in childfree.
Relevance? Several people who commented on the article and took the position that arresting Jack with no direct evidence of a crime sets a less than happy precedent were told that they obviously must not have children and this made their thoughts on the matter irrelevent.

The further discussion on childfree does not tend to involve the state of internet debates, but rather the topic of the original article. Parts of it are civil. Parts of it make good points. And some of it, uh...

Should I go to jail if I make a website that states where black people hang out?

Defies earth logic.

youve gotta do it right!

In a post in ohnotheydidnt about the sex of Nicole Richie's baby, wiserforthetime asks if the 'bitch uses birth control' because it is obviously 100% protective.

When this is mentioned, thekmartoprah steps in to inform us all that yes, it is foolproof, if you do it right

wiserforthetime also adds that, shes isnt pregnant yet and she uses the pill, so it should be the same for everyone else.

Small stupid, but it reminds us that there are still grown-ass sexually active people who apparently haven't read the disclaimer that comes with all contraceptives.
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I got bad service because I was white, oh noes!

bad_service is often hit or miss for real bad service, and in this entry of resturant woes, the OP says it was because she's white.

"And while I hate to say it, the fact that we were the only customers being blatantly ignored and also the only white people in the restaurant is really fucking coincidental. I love racism."

Because it isn't your fault you sat in a table in the back for forty minutes and didn't even attempt to flag over a server or go ask for a manager or anything, right? It's because you're white and oh noes racism!

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A girl bending over and accidentally showing me her underwear is so RUDE! She's totally flaunting the fact that she can wear a thong just to irritate me.

Veiled misogyny mixed with no realistic sense of fashion? Has to be a troll, but then again maybe not...