July 31st, 2007

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No, but I have a divine recipe for lolcakes with rofl sauce

Can't believe this hasn't made its way over here before, but a tiny, petitfour stupid from food_porn:

Does anyone have a recipe for eggless egg salad? Thanks!

Perhaps not surprisingly, the question of no eggs =/= egg salad? comes up, to which obfuscate responds: Maybe you should've googled it and then you wouldn't be so MEEN! Also, your icon smells.

Calls of 'finger diarrhea!' and 'animal cruelty!' ensue. Bonus lolz: look for the flounce at the end from kumquatpie.
Weeping angel

I don't like drama, really.

Small stupid.

Over on doctorwho, mrs_robot makes a flounce post, in which they throw their toys out of the community for a previous post they made some time ago, worrying that some casting news meant the show would be ruined.

The stupid comes into play with the final sentence in which she states that "I have disabled the comments, because unlike you people, I dislike drama."

A puzzling statement indeed when a quick search of the community ( thank you, ctrl+f!) back to the beginning of the month fails to reveal said previous post so either it was further back and hence forgotten, or the poster has deleted it, which doesn't exactly mesh with their claim that they don't like drama.

EDIT: Damn. Deleted already! Oh well, on with the macros.

EDIT1: Pic of the flounce post and the post that inspired it.

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Over at ohnotheydidnt, buckaroo_86 makes a post about a fundamentalist preacher's thoughts on Christina Aguilera's illness. crazyfruitlady then says, "And people wonder why I consider Christianity to be the most truly evil and despicable organisation in the world." Drama ensues. Apparently, "It provides every excuse, every motivation and every bit of fuel a person needs to hurt someone else (emotionally more often than physically)."