July 30th, 2007

If you're Christian, you're stupid!

christian fanatics worldwide -- reaffirming the inevitable truth that christianity in general is a gargantuan joke to get money from stupid, stupid people.

also, fyi, the cause of death was later determined to be EXCESS OF DUMB.

The back story is that someone posted that article about the 3 year old being choked by her grandfather in a supposed exorcism. And as usual, if someone hints at religion, that means it's time to break out the "lol Christians!" barbs.

Bonuses include: believing exorcism only comes from the Christian church. And the implication that if you have a Hispanic surname, you're probably a crazy roman catholic.

Obligatory mis-use of Karma

And also someone mentions circumcision. Mmyep. IDK, this is relatively small and may not be rofls quality but I always find "oh god such and such religions are so duuuumb lol @ them for believing in stuff" to be stupid and hilarious. Believe in the almighty flying spaghetti monster for all I care.
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

Entitlement - makes a marriage stronger.

OMG my husband wants to hang this ticky tacky crap in our new house! I don't care if his dead mother made it - IT'S UGLY.

I'm sorry, but WHAT. A. BITCH.

My favorite quote: "You're right, but I have feelings too. I didn't say it couldn't be hung in the house, I just would prefer it not be in the dining room!"

Yes, because your butthurt over your home decor is SO analagous to the pain of losing a mother.


ETA - Son of a WHORE - I swear this was unlocked when I read it first. Sorry!
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arthurq does a LET ME TELL YOU INTARWEBZ post over in newyorkers about the NYPD. Apparently, it's OK to call 911 (as opposed to 311 for such matters) because you spot a truck parked in front of a fire hydrant. Never mind that doing so will totally piss off people experiencing, y'know, actual emergencies.

When steelbrassnwood confronts him over his stupidity, arthurq pulls the Internets Victimization + Self Righteousness Card:

Did I ever once say thats what I expected? I expected nothing of the sort. And You sir, are a moron for putting words in my mouth and assuming anything.

I expected Courteousness, Professionalism, and Respect. I expected that someone would log it down and dispatch a Traffic Enforcement Official, or radio one of the many "Meter Maids" that patrol the area 12 hours a day to walk over and investigate.

I expected COMMON SENSE. None of which I got.

....Maybe because YOU don't have any, arthurq? Just a thought.

ETA: Racism ahoy hoy! wackogirl dug up some previous stupid from arthurq. Apparently, if we refuse to tip cab drivers, it will make them stop being illeguhl non-Engreesh speekarz! Y DON'T THOSE KRAZY BROWN PEEPL KNO ENGRISH? THIS IZ AMURKA

ETA EVEN MOAR: The stupid just gets better. hurtbyl0ve wants us to know that "everyone of you that refuses to believe the NYPD is infallible is a fucking moron...I'm tired of ranting on Arthur's thread so i made my own...fuck you, fuck you and fuck you too. Everyone of us works hard to live here and we expect the same amount of courtesy and respect we show everyone else. and when it's your job and your motherfucking motto (courtesy, professionalism, respect) you damn well better."

ROLLIN' ROLLIN' ROLLIN': elnerdoricado decides to call arthurq out for baleeting his commentz: "Look, Arthur: If you can't take the heat, stop posting. It's as simple as that. Deleting people's comments is infantile. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go save our fair city from illegal parkers everywhere!"

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I'm going to bed now, because I come from the land down under.

(men at work joke.  GEDDIT?)

Anyway.  Enjoy the sleepy bee, and remember.  Dicks are only good in private and moderation, folks!