July 29th, 2007

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No, your OTHER left....

Found this last night at work, and I had to wait to post it when I got home...
In the mock_the_stupid  archives, I found a post mocking an incorrect map in an amtrack schedule....
Pacific northeast?
Then come the comments....First three decrying that a schedule for the northwest highlights New England is NOT stupid...
This one's my favorite....
"I live there, what's so funny? That's not stupid..."

Made my night go a little smoother, I thought I'd share.

disclaimer...I did go through stupid_free archives to make sure no one had posted this yet, so if I missed one, macro ahoy.

ETA, sorry guys, that should fix it. HTML ain't my strong suite, and my hubby was wondering why I was sending him a link to a livejournal community entry.

ETA 2: no_distractions kindly provides us with the labia video seen here for all our enjoyment forever.  We post because we care!! <<33
ETA 3: My hubbie's reaction to HIS effed-up link was really quite funny...."It's a livejournal link...Time for an intervention, dear."
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