July 28th, 2007

ass wasted
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Epic Stupid

OK, since no one else is stepping up:

1. Thursday night a troll journal dubbed pedobears makes a post to brutal_drama claiming that she and her boyfriend just had sex -- only they role-played as the tenuous internet personae snatchbeast and yours truly, mengus.

A lot of comments. Some of which were pretty funny. Pedobears claims that she is a regular livejournal user that would be recognized if she revealed her 'true identity.'

Now deleted.

2. Early last night, pedobears makes a post to stupid_free, and gets ragged on about a heretofore unknown to me video that she apparently posted to another community in which she ties her labia in a knot(!).

Now deleted.

3. 2nd stupid_free post featuring a new 'labia dancing' video. The post is as at something like 400 comments on 4 pages.

Now deleted.

4. pedobears cross-posts the video to a few more communities, including brutal_drama and vaginapagina.

All, now deleted, of course.

5. Guilt and shame induced emo deletion of said video. Flounce post at brutal_drama. Soon followed by emo deletion of journal.


ETA: I forgot to add that even our illustrious njyoder showed up for this post, and I poorly remembered his comment: " A+ response to an A+ post.*" BEST POST EVER!

Well, we all knew you'd see a vagina someday.

*Corrected, thanks to the man himself!

Edit 2: 6. pedobears comes out of semi-retirement to lambaste us all, and reveal her combined exploits.

Now deleted, but I got a screencap this time.

7. pedobears deletes her troll manifesto, and posts yet another labia dance video.

Also deleted. Photobucket would not let me save the video, but I did screencap the best part.

p.s. Anyone else think she had a really sweet speaking voice?
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Don't Warn the Diabetic!

Over in customers_suck  (yeah, big surprise) a post is made in which a diabetic man is warned that not only does the restaurant in question not have sugar-free syrup, but that the waffles are a particular type which contain chunks of sugar. That's not the stupid. No, the real stupid lies in the comments!

mettle_metal  will have none of it! The fact that the waffles contain huge chunks of sugar is completely irrelevant despite the fact that the customer throws a huge fit over sugar-free syrup!

Much stupid is found throughout the comments section.

Her name is Condoleezza Rice. His name is Robert Paulsen.

Ok, so at ohnotheydidnt, someone posts an article about Mo'nique (lol) talking about reclaiming the word "nigger." Lots of what I can only assume are white people comment saying how they don't think black people should call eachother "nigger" and how they, for one, would never say it. Also, there's the predictable "if they can say it, so can we" thread. Every single comment is stupid, pretty much, so I'll just link the post.

But please look at this thread started by sakuradoll. I pretty much got my labia in a knot from laughter:


Edit: So I came back from real life to realize that sakuradoll is no more. I don't know why I had to tell you, you aren't blind and can probably see the strike through her name. But, good heavens, why? Here's hoping you come back soon, bb.

Edit Deux: notacrnflkgirl brought this to my attention:

You monsters. All she did was bring you joy and inappropriate comparisons to Harry Potter. The blood is on your hands.

Also, thequestionclub had something to say about this:

A highlight: "For one thing, if the black community as a whole wanted n****r to be a good word, wouldn't they encourage the use of it? Wouldn't it use being restricted to the black community in itself be just as racist? In all honest I don't see other races, or genders and whatnot, trying to take a negative word (spic, or chink, or fag, or cunt for example) and make it into a positive thing....I personally think it's bullshit."

Since I'm the cracker liaison to the Black community, I just received a memo from them stating that they greatly appreciate her learned insights, and her opinion on the validity of the use of the word "nigger" amongst themselves.

Oh wait, that never happened. Also, I'm gonna stop editing before this gets any more tl;dr.

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The stupid: loomissimmons needs an extra voice to chime along with her in agreement. The solution being solitaire79, of course.

I ask her, based on this thread here, why she called someone a "honky": she responds in turn by calling me a "cracker". No logic, there, as I'm not white.

loomissimmons and I are arguing, when suddenly, solitaire79 Collapse )

Quickly, she deletes the post: then tries to cover up her mistake, changing "Why are you bothering me" to "Why are you bothering her", claiming that she's writing several things at once and that's why she got "seriously jumbled".

Jumbled enough to jump into a mini-thread that didn't involve her to begin with and to ask "Why are you bothering me?" when I'd never wrote anything to her in the first place?


Edited to add: I don't like or dislike loomissimmons. I don't think our conversation had any amount of "pwnage" or anything along those lines: it was a fairly civilized discussion. The stupid is in the fact that she has another account made so she can agree with herself on other longer, more heated debates. If this counts as grudge wank (and no one else could post this except me or her, since she and I are the only two people who saw the comments), okay then! I am grudging and vengeful and wanky and butthurt, and will accept that without hesitation and with arms wide open (in all seriousness). Yay!