July 27th, 2007

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Oh, you didn't know?

Over in thequestionclub, eidna informs us that you can get pregnant while already pregnant.

When someone questions that statement, she says there are siblings who are 9 months or less apart in age and gives a link explaining. When someone points out that that link in particular is talking about rare cases of women having more than one uterus, she rebuts with "No, it also applies to women who mensturate throughout pregnancy."

Two of us try to let her know how the female body works when pregnant, and of course she back tracks a bit.

Not huge stupid, but certainly entertaining. Either that, or I'm simply bored.

metaquotes stupid

Over in metaquotes, icelore posts a quote in which a guy has the office flirt rub garlic under his nose. In retaliation the next day he rubs some of his own smegma under her nose.

(Yes, his cock cheese)

Some people voice their disgust, and are told that it's not just for the garlic incident, it's also because the girl is a 'cocktease'.

Small stupid, but the attitude that having a mixture of oils, skin cells, and boldily fluids rubbed under one's nose is perfectly okay is stupid enough for me.