July 22nd, 2007

me and reagan 24th


Ok, it's small, but what the hell.....

How dare you rant about bad service in bad_service!

ballroom goes to Olive Garden. Leaves a tip. The server chases her out and accuses her in front of 20+ people of leaving a shitty tip. They did leave a proper tip. The server didn't even check the table first and only went by the busboy's word (lol), but the waitress did not apologize and went back inside after just "ok...alright."

Cue chemical_laser, who claims that she should get over it because "that's life", and the manager gave them a gift card so it was actually GOOD service.

Another tiny thing I found humorous further in the comments (from the OP):
and I can assure you that we were all very nice to her. if I really wanted to get her fired I could have told her manager to look at our tabs. we had about 6 or 7 cocktails and all but 1 of us was under 21.

I don't know, it was funny to me.

Unlocked, also, at least it is now. I don't see this becoming a huge wank fest, but hey.

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Over in mathematics (cue groans), luke_marsh has discovered "a maths function [i invented] that can be used to generate number sequences of any kind."

Too bad no one in the community can decipher his post as well as the relevancy of Baseveo. We're all still waiting for something, if used in physics make einstine look like a cave man.

Another entry of his that'll have you admitting he's cunning even though he hasn't completed high school maths.
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The LJ community that cried Rape...

A post was made in pregnant , where yume_no_miko  is frustrated because her significant other won't take no for an answer and has sex with her in her sleep. This carries over to 
prego_drama , chokehold_lust  makes the post saying "Apparently some women don't know how to keep their man happy."
Everyone begins chiming in that she's being raped, chokehold_lust  responds-- "Um... you've OBVIOUSLY never read the bible." Hilarity ensues.
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Over in pregnant, yume_no_miko asks the age old question Are all men horny pigs??? and then goes on to ask how to deal with a boyfriend who has sex with her whilst she's sleeping.

Let the stupid begin, but it does not stop there. It continues when ashleyuberalles rants about the "feminist crybaby shit" going on in the community because people are crying rape. She also goes on to say that if you are in a relationship you should readily give up sex whenever your SO wants it.

It is just getting started, but it is early yet and I am sure the stupid will continue. It has also continued into prego_drama where ashleyuberalles is still trying to defend her case.
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Rape Wank: My learnings, let me show you them.

hidefrommyself posts a creepy, yet hot story about mouth rape to brutal_honesty.

Enter caseus, whom who calls bullshit because victims of sexual assault don't use the word "cock"


Yes, this can be construed as grudge wank on my part, but I thought it was so funny that I had to post it. Abuse me; I like it. But, I better see some boobs!

Better yet, yr asses. Oh god, I love butts.