July 21st, 2007

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So, over at wonderful tattoo inkms_motherfukker decides that along with her oh-so-wonderful tattoo, that Tattoo Ink absolutely needs to see her baby-fat-laden emo self in undies and a tight shirty. Because that would make our day, right? She justifies her decision by stating that she's being 'considerate' because 'at least she's not naked'. Hm.... I kind of see where she's coming from, on the grounds that no one on the community wants to see her in her panties, let alone naked. And besides, we're supposed to "Look at her tattoos, noooooot her panties!". But it's okay, because she wants to be a Suicide Girl. Right? She also snarks back to several commenters who say that they can't even SEE the tattoo. But that's okay with her. She just wants us to stare at her tits.

Wankage continues when xkirchartx  casually mentions she could have simply cropped the tattoo out of consideration and to AVOID the wank she complains about, ms_motherfukkerstates that she doesn't care, even though she complains and defends her position to each and every person who comments. Also a smaller wank about how a community member who asked for a Not-work-safe cut clearly knows nothing because she has the world 'feminist' in her lj username. Because the lj username ms_Motherfukker is soooo classy, right?

To everyone on Livejournal: If we are not in a flash-your-bits community, we really, REALLY don't want to see you naked. Unless we ask. Thank you. If this goes on, then I'm sure I can find photos of some naked 400-pound repairman naked Bubba and post those. Your call.

EDIT: The problem is not her weight. She's not overweight. Her weight is not relevant, she can be the size of Texas for all I care. The reason I was snarky was because she started insulting everyone on the comm who pointed out the fact that it IS a tattoo community, and that you clearly can't see the tattoo well. I lost my temper, something that happens to everyone. That picture was taken to show off many things, but the tattoo was not one of them. The only real stupid here was that she posted a picture of herself in a tattoo comm that was intended to show off her panties and then wanked all over when people asked to actually get a better shot of the tattoo.

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Over in brutal_honesty, man2woman2girl wants to tell us about the first person she'd ever had sex with. There was a problem with this guy (Mark Fuller):

"...i wasnt confortable having sex with a guy who was cruzing with this mexican guy called rodrigo(im not racistbut rodrigo was soooo stank, he smeld like rotten fish or something, and he never cut his nales!)"

I can definitely see how this would be a problem; after all, she has "morales."

In spite of her racism, Rodrigo "ends up pounding" her.

And there are bears!

Edit: Fine, it's a troll. But there are still bears!