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July 20th, 2007

Small, but fun..

Over in booju_newju, our favorite place, lizziey posts a story about two fifteen yearold girls mutilating a cat. Pretty disturbing stuff. Most agree the parents should be penalized and the girls need a lesson in what it actually is to burn an innocent animal.

All is well, people are disgusted (and rightfully so). Then sistahmoon comes along. She doesn't think it's the parents fault. Apparently, guys have tortured insects for a long time. Now girls have more power in society, and they show it by lighting kittens on fire. I mean, George W. Bush tortured frogs, now he's President and never does anything wrong.

Brows are arched. Ellipses are drawn. Small stupid, but I had a lol.

Edit: sistahmoon strikes again! She kept talking about a documentary she watched about children torturing animals. Apparently, the animal torturing documentary is about circumcision. Circumcision makes boys angry, and this is a reason they torture animals. I put lizziey's comment first to give a slight background on the wonderful documentary that sistahmoon is referring to.

meta stupid

From the post about teens burning a kitty, unnethe informs us that "The current North American president is not the best example of "oh hai people do this and end up normal/non-violent.""

Hope you Canadians enjoyed the free healthcare, since you are now part of the Land of the Free, and Home of the Copay.

Jul. 20th, 2007

Over in thequestionclub, bellasmommy makes a post asking if people think that animals have souls.

All is going fine until onebigorooni comes in and starts asking everyone why they believe what they believe, and promptly trashing the belief. He/she is running all over the post being argumentative and basically yelling at anyone with an opinion that animals DO have souls , and when asked why they are behaving this way, there's no reply.

Oh, and onebigorooni has just declared that he/she is acting like a moron because I'm being disagreeable because it's fun to poke at stupid people. ???

ETA: Before you all say it, no, this isn't grudge wank, I'm posting because he's running around the thread replying like a moron.

ETA2: Apparently it's a troll.


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