July 19th, 2007

Fatal Curiosity II

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Contained within, you will find:
A big damn freakout
Complex pet food jargon
A bit too much importance given to knotty cat hair
Conversation about whether it is best to brush or shave the afformentioned hair
"I know more about blood and guts than you, nyah nyah!"
Laundry lists of said blood and guts
Massive amounts of "NO U"-ish bickering
A slightly stale but amusing pet stupid

Enjoy, kids.

marco - glower

Another normal day at anti_feminism!

I can guarantee this will be tl;dr for some folks. But.

It all starts so innocently, when apparent newcomer drunkasalways posts a poll about equality between men and women. The poll itself is tl;dr and amazingly, there is some contention amongst the ranks.

Watch out, heterosexual child-free couples! You're not a proper family. But wait, what's proper anyway? In a short but sweet insult-o-rama, hexennacht and skepticultist hash out their differences with troglodytes, douchebags, the hepatically challenged, retards, and a NSFW macro!

Also, apparently the only way a woman can work in a male-dominated company is if the men:
1. Put away any items that would make the woman feel uncomfortable
2. Stop with the horseplay as it may be considered offensive.
3. Watch their language and sensor their subjects of conversation at all times.
4. Continue business as normal as if she was just another one of the guys. If she's not physically or verbally harrassed and still doesnt like it she can leave.<
5. Leave it up to the woman to set the limits that she feels comfortable working around, and make the company abide by them.

With all those quality choices, I'm surprised anyone thought to disagree. However, snatchbeast doesn't like the question, and conceptualpete isn't sure why, since "Nothing sucks more than having to change office behavior because a woman started," prompting discussion about what, exactly, does go on in male-only companies. I'm thinking something to do with bathhouses, but conceptualpete informs us that it's just typical bar behavior, and that's only unprofessional if one is a chick! Darn.

The poll aside, in the OP drunkasalways unfortunately said the magic words, "If you choose to post a comment, please make it a constructive one. There is far too much negativity coming from this group, and some of the extremism makes it no different than one of the Femnazi groups. It was my understanding that this group was trying to find grounds for sexual equality without taking away from what makes us both so different," and I think we have that to blame for the whole thing.

darkmanifest attempts to warn the OP of the coming storm, and the thread descends into wank about another poll question - What's worse, a man being called a, "Dick", or a woman being called a "Bitch" - and then further descends into more name-calling and STFUs.

Finally, liminalia wonders if the OP bothered to poll most feminists when he claimed "most feminists will agree that women have it better in America than any other nation on earth." OP says he's talked to women in a variety of countries, and a number of fine folks reveal that anecdotal evidence does not equal research (gasp!).

All in all, not as wank-tastic as some other gems from anti_feminism, but those gems are usually posted by trolls and this has been simmering for a couple days now.

Harry Potter + Wedding Plans = SRS BZNS

Okay, so I know HP spoiler wank is getting to be old news but this was too funny to pass up sharing.

kageneko makes a mod post in weddingplans threatening to ban ANYONE who uses a HP spoiler icon no matter how fake it appears. She even goes so far as to lock down membership to prevent it from happening.

I'd have to say the best quote out of the whole thing is "You are definitely welcome here, it's generally just not a good idea to question the mods when they're in mod-mode." as a result of briteflame3 asking "What does this have to do with wedding plans"? and the mod responding with "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out".

-edit- Sorry guys, despite not caring if it gets posted here, kageneko screened all the comments in the original post.