July 18th, 2007

Queer eye for the straw guy

kimbean makes a fairly typical query for advice over in dog_lovers, hoping to ease her dog's separation anxiety, and girlghoul links her to Cesar "The Dog Whisperer" Milan's website.

kimbean is a fan of the show but obfuscate dissents saying "I've heard nothing but bad about that man's techniques."

bkhager disagrees, stating "I have watched the show and while I've heard differing viewpoints on whether his technique is the best approach, I've never seen him be mean to a dog."

No real stupid so far, but this debate continues for just a few posts before obfuscate licks the stupid bowl clean in saying "Sure. A lot of trained and educated people think homosexuality should still be in the DSM, too."

bkhager discusses the irrelevance of this line of reasoning, but obfuscate insists that "there's a parallel there." Clearly those who agree with Cesar Milan's method of correcting animal behavior are on par with those who would have homosexuality listed as a psychological disorder. I have officially learned something today.

Cue Cesar Milan wank, the dullest wank of all.

Unlocked at time of posting.
funky chicken

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punkykrista has a pretty crappy tattoo on her chest. People express their dislike (in roundabout ways), and she asks why people don't like it. So people tell her.

She, of course, gets more and more defensive and incoherent as time goes on.

And then we get a flounce post! (Admittedly, it's one of the most creative flounce posts I've seen yet.)

Small stupid, but it's been keeping me amused for way too long now. :-)

EDIT: I can do HTML. I swear. Fixed.