July 17th, 2007


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Son of Nicky Returns

Does this deserve its own post? Probably not. But Dammit, I'm making it.

Yesterday, there was an incident with a fellow over in literaryquotes by the name of lance_smith. The posts were all deleted.

Today, he comes back with some drivel:

coldsteel510 (coldsteel510) wrote in literaryquotes,
@ 2007-07-17 10:04:00

In the eye of the beholder

As if with a painting, how can anybody but the artist say, when the final brushstroke is made, when it is beautiful, when it is finished?

Look at a priceless painting from a hundred years or more ago. It was only up to the one who created it to say that it was complete and that it was beautiful. When it was first completed, there may very well have been those who critiqued the painting. However, many years later, after all the critics are dead and buried, all that remains is a priceless painting that many clearly agree is beautiful.

If you create something and to you it is complete and beautiful, then that is what it is. Just because others may not be able to see the beauty in it now does not mean that it does not exist.

I was going to let it go, but then i realized the best part-The post is comments disabled! Oh Joy oh joy!

The comm has a minor retaliation post


found another one, over in writers_guild. It's called "Laying it on the Line" It's, how do you say.... Hilarious? He sure hasn't left his comfort zone.


The first has been deleted; probably by the mods, possibly by him. In case my precise Copy Pasta does not have enough sauce for you, have a screencap. While you're at it, take a look at the cap of the other post in question.
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Jeeves politely says 'wtf'

My copypasta, let me show you it.

Over in childfree, sushi_nouveau appears to be having a few sex education issues.

I was on birth control pills for 9 years and hated it. They were particularly heavy dosage begun by a overbearing gyno and very naiveme. After years of dumping needless amounts of hormones in my system, I vowed never to take the pill again.

We also don’t use condoms,the finish ends in either blowjobs or masturbation. This means my husband has never had an orgasm inside me.


Does anyone else feel they are missing out on that close comfort of an orgasm inside each other without barriers?

Amid a bit of low key WTFing, sage advice comes in the form of suggestions about IUDs, visting Planned Parenthood, forking out $5 for a box of Trojans, etc etc etc. You know, the sensible option. This isn't what sushi_nouveau is after though, she wants to know if other people who can't be bothered to seek alternate birth control options are also all :*( that they can't sleep in the wet spot after sex and experience that sticky-thigh magic.

Being childfree, it quickly descends into cries of 'troll!', copypasta in the form of a particularly loltastic quote from sushi_nouveau's journal, those whores who trap men into a relationship, blah blah blah sdsjdhshdjskhd. I honestly can't tell who the stupid(er) one is, the OP or the immediate descent into community cannibalism.

All in all, a small yet deliciously stupid stupid. My sex educations, let me show you them.

Itty bitty stupid

Minor stupid over in ask_me_anything.

Original post. To sum it up. aka_malik's girlfriend said she wanted kids, he doesn't. Girlfriend said she was going off the pill. She did. Girlfriend said she was going back on. She didn't. Subsequently, she gets pregnant. aka_malik is not happy.

iisz makes a new post pretty much saying Do you not think it is time we stopped treating men as the passive victims of unplanned pregnancy?.

While it's a valid question, and some people agree with iisz, people begin to jump all over her, and pretty much the post about how the original girlfriend is crazy.

LJ: Oh the Drama!

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Over in customers_suck, kittylair posts a legitimate post regarding a customer who wants something for nothing, essentially. All is well  until two comments in when kagekiss thinks the phrase "snowflake" is a racial slur.

Huh. Learn something new every day.

They're already being laughed at, but I thought you guys would enjoy reading the comments.

*edit* holy hell. wrong link. sorry about that! i fixed it now.  

even more ONTD stupid

so, in a post featuring a heartbreaking letter to her fans by Tammy Faye, who as some of you know, is ungergoing massive cancer treament and has dropped to Nicole Richie Size, banksy says this:


.....Creating a huge-ass thread and dividing people into one of two camps: for or against Banksy. I consider this pretty stupid, un-informed and a bad attempt at sarchastic humor, but maybe I'm just misguided. you be the judge

discuss it.

And it begins...

So pridefall posts the summery of the leaked Harry Potter book to useless_facts.

Wank ensues.

willowwpryce is taking a special sort of glee in other people being upset or even questioning the relevance of the post.

Not exactly a major stupid, but it has potential.

Edit: Bahleeted already. My first post here and it's gone in less then 10 minutes. Sad clown for me.

Edit again: I have screencaps of some of the comments here .

House Drama? Capslock Drama? Who knows?!

I am not 100% sure what is going on here, but I found this in fuckyoulist that had something to do with the capslock_house community. Watch out for image heavy/possible seizure induced images from those.

From what I can gather, legrotesque said some things about the community, they got upset, and exchanged words. Phrases like, "Don't dish it out if you can't handle the heat follow". There is some beef with i_heart_cameron here.

i_heart_cameron makes a follow up post in fuckyoulist. Which I am guessing is towards legrotesque. I could be off. Everyone just seems so angry... over House?

I am trying to find legrotesque's posts that he/she talks about in his/her journal, but I can't seem to find it. Also tried looking through capslock_house but it really hurts my eyes after awhile.

Edit: Harry Potter spoilers involved in there.

Pizza Wank

ldykatrina makes a post to bad_service about an incorrectly cut pizza and overly-flippant owner.

Most commenters feel that she has a legitimate complaint. But others think she is just being a whiner.

I take no sides here, I am just amused by how strongly everyone seems to feel about the matter.

PS If you're a member of c_suck_snark, there is a locked post there about it.

ETA: I clearly had no idea what "caring too much" really meant until I saw the post below mine. This frankly pales in comparison.