July 16th, 2007

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HP wank

I couldn't help but be drawn to spoil_me_dh a newly featured LJ community with Harry Potter spoilers.  (I can hear you groaning.)  There's much speculation about the last book.

My favorite comes from doggleduck who proclaims that if Snape is evil, she is not finishing the book, never watch the movies and MOST of all, will never let her future kids read the book(s).   

I like HP as much as the next person, but some peeps need a grip on reality.  I'm surprised she didn't stop reading after Dumbledore died - and if he died for naught, she's washing her hands of JK Rowlings forever!!!

Perhaps my favorite daftdeviant says HP is her LIFE.

Small stupid, but IMHO, amusing (I need amusement today).  If not amusing enough for all, then bring on the macros.
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A post made of fail, consisting of the notion that politicians really give a shit about flash mobs and other messages that just consist of standing around, appears in newyorkers. Then lizziey gives us her version of Iraq politics and then a mini flamewar ensues.

And they're not stupid but be sure to read mylaptopisevil's comments, which as always are full of win and almost made juice come out my nose.

PS - And I'm sorry guys but it has to be said. I'm no authority in here by any means but a lot of people think that saying "I'm new be nice!" or "If it sucks I welcome the macros" or some variation therein is redundant and annoying. People might enjoy your post more if you don't do it.

Can't link to the stupid...but here's why


Try to follow the link.  Just try.  OK, it was deleted, now it's not

Instead of getting more mods to help keep the trolls at bay, the best solution is to delete the entire comm.  

Granted, keeping the trolls at bay sounds like it would involve pitchforks and torches, but seriously, it's not that hard.  

That's what a little furry shit and racism will get you, poor people.  No more advice when you (I guess it's we, I also follow poor skills 'cause there is occasional good advice) fail at life. 

Edit: poor_skills2</lj>; and poorskillz</lj>.  Thoughts/feelings? 

Edit2:  It's back!  Ignore the other edit unless it goes away again.  Hopefully the trolling will stop, and hopefully the trolls weren't from THIS community.