July 15th, 2007

"What, pus exploding from an orifice isn't enough to keep your attention?"

In case anyone was worried about just how many tubes there are in the series of tubes that are the internet, fear not, for they are legion. For example, there's zit_fetish (don't click if pustulence isn't your thing, I have officially warned you), which is a community for people who are really into pimples, and their many facets (you can pop them OR put Proactiv on them!)

Fortunately for those of you frail of stomach, this entry has nothing to do with that. It's actually stereobarf's plea for proper spelling and grammar:


Responses vary from thank yous to fuck yous, and there's even some intellectual discourse on whether a person who just wants to see some fucking zits, man, should care about spelling.

And there's more, but I'm seriously spent.

This is not my first stupid, and for every macro you post I will kill something you love.
Ninja Troll

Dear Fucking Tap-Dancing Jesus in a Side-Car at Dawn

With only 13 comments, I DELETED THE GODDAMN POST. Why? Because there was no stupid. It was a non-existent post. Hardly anyone had seen it. That's why I deleted it. IT HAD ZERO CONTENT. And only 13 comments at the time. It was fluff, ether, pablum, and why am I answering to you???

Oh right, because someone else decided to screencap and repost as if they had some sort of jurisdiction here. Yay, more nonsense!!!

If there's a "string of deleted posts" annoying people -- which I'm not aware of -- how about actually screencapping THOSE and informing a mod instead of posting this bullshit?!:!? Y'know, cuz it's been such a pain in the ass?!?!?! And telling us about it would MAKE SENSE?!?!?!?

250+ comments on nonsense. And you all wonder why people say stupid_free has stupid people in it.

small ONTD Stupid

In the post for the video of Nelly furtado's 'do it', filthyred tells her that she needs to realize that she isn't latin, making a small-ish stupid thread about her heritage (for the record, she's portuguese.):


oh, and for those trying to avoid HP book spoilers, filthyred's opponent a_model_citizen has a worded icon featuring one of the spoilers from what appeared to be pictures of the last chapter. I'm unsure whether or not to believe them though, since it reads like bad fanfiction. On an un-related note, That's the last time I will preface HP spoilers
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re: poopy pants in poor_skills


New (currently) unlocked post by tailfox's "daddy".


"This is Tailfox's daddy here. I don't have an account on livejournal so I'm just going to borrow his. I wish to apologize for his behavior, but I am a bit taken aback by the attitudes in this community. If you cherish your adulthood so much, act in accordance with it.

I am also disappointed in the person who told Tailfox to mix bleach with other chemicals. Not only is the red pajamas blotched now, but you could have caused a chemical accident. I hope the moderators will act on this.



As someone pointed out in the previous post before deletion, not pooping in pants? Life skill, not poor_skill.


Davewolf wants $150 for the ruined pajamas.

lucretia_lenore says:
Harrison and I


Okay, let's see if I can give a better stupid this time. I thought this was SF worthy even though the arguments have died down, but I'm sure that could be fixed. Some other SFers encouraged me to post it, so...

Over at writers_guild, aptly_titled makes a post whining about "grammer" nazi's who apparently have nothing better to do than "blog and materbate. (Which makes for a very sticky keyboard)."

Doesn't seem all that stupid, right?

But then he/she makes a comment saying I do have good work it's just when people get so stuck on the grammar that they can't see anything else what does that make them. I have a right to bitch I'm an American!

Though she didn't say anything outside of the first thread, the_faery_queen is involved as well.

If this somehow doesn't qualify as stupid or something, I encourage don't, apparently, encourage the cat macros. I could always use some more. :D Edit: edited because apparently saying that is getting old.

ETA 2 for more stupid: arrowintwolakes tells aptly_titled that some people in WG are professional editors and whatnot, and stuff. How does aptly_titled respond? "Whatever that means."

ETA 3 for even more stupid:

"My boyfriend is Jewish don't even pull that shit with me." by aptly_titled

"im not a child, nor a novice, i don't want to be treated like one" by the_faery_queen

Because this is BOUND to be good.

Over in anti_feminism, the ever-trolltastic conceptualpete makes a post equating abortion with breast implants.

I suspect his blatent trolling may, in fact, be sucessful, as people are already taking the bait, questioning his "sources", and generally taking the whole thing seriously.

Much laughing, wank, and crying of butthurt is sure to follow.

Personal favourites:
"Some might think that my belief that terrorists walk a higher moral ground than abortionists means that my opinion is jaded, but the facts speak for themselves."

"White privilege has nothing on the vast advantages of female privilege."
kuma toilet santa hat


It will settle for $96 pjs...


Edit: Deleted -
screen caps:

Edit again:

OMFG THE WAR ON STUPID!!! - http://pics.livejournal.com/lavajin/pic/00008wsh

More Edit:

Here's our friend's statcounter code, feel free to paste it in any sort of forum or porn site or Something Awful or wherever else you feel it might benefit from. :)

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Edit, The Sequel of the Sequel:

2007-07-16 10:46 pm (local) (from
For those of you posting this code around: obstruction of justice is another charge I can tack on. Keep digging the hole.