July 14th, 2007

  • cdaae

Is this stupid enough?

As a complete newbie to _postsecret_, I was impressed by the level of stupidity generated when bellasmommy committed the grand sin of replying to a question about mental illness non-anonymously, on the grounds that it wasn't a secret.

wersneetches posted a mod post explaining that by "secrets must be posted anonymously, but comments don't have to be anonymous" they meant "anything replying to the original question must be posted anonymously, whether it's a secret or not".

The mod post winds up with "I am expecting bitching, insults, wining, someone saying "get a life", the "anonymous" troll that responds to people's comments with "anonymous", and how the mods suck, how there is actually only one mod not two, and I'm sure someone will correct any grammatical errors that are here. You know the usual. So have fun in hating each other and me and god and the world and what ever else you hate today."

Not surprisingly, there is wank and stupid galore as people respond with a mixture of sensible suggestions and random insults. For some reason sorrowsfemme feels the need to reply to almost every comment, defending the mods for great justice, especially when they're accused of being typical of dictators. She has time to sit and reply, but not to look at people's suggestions on how to actually improve the community, or to make a tiny edit to the userinfo to make the rules say what they mean without confusion.

Well, it kept me amused for a good quarter of an hour.
  • yenesi

(no subject)

What I liked most about the post was that the OP requested cat macros if/when the post failed.

The string of deleted posts has been pretty fucking annoying people. Quit that shit and think before you post. That is all. Now cat macro me if you think my post fails, I WILLINGLY accept macros.

Now if the mods did actually delete this post, I still willingly accept macros