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July 12th, 2007

Jul. 12th, 2007

I was going to leave this alone, because I like the community but this has trangressed all laws of normal stupid and has been going on for a few days.

I posted my normal set of morbid facts to useless_facts and mispelled 'Sydney'. finding_jay corrected me and willowwpryce told Jay to 'check your own spelling before correcting others'

Not about the word 'Sydney', it was the word 'spelt'. And we're off.

Accusations of being condescending, wank about looking down on Americans, is 'spelt' a word or not!? and a small confusion that is not stupid, nor drama worthy about how you could have a dead body in your house for over a week and not notice any smell.


Read the Damn Book!!

omgthumbwar posts some casting news about The Lovely Bones to ONTD.

Among the usual 'this movie will now suck', 'what a fug' and other comments expected on ONTD, sakuradoll asks: i don't get the title of this movie? the lovely bones?. spices says 'it's a book' and suggests she reads the damn thing. She is immediately jumped on by iruleuruniverse though by the end of their thread they're bonding nicely.

Still sakuradoll delicate sensibilities have been ruffled and she predicts the banination of Ms. Spices from ONTD and also claims she's being stalked on LJ communities. Someone laughs at her. I predict teardrops.

ETA: Her randomness continues when someone suggests that ONTD is full of snark and she responds: well.....as long as you follow Hilary Duff's music i suppose.....you can't really go wrong.....

Small but fun?

Or not, in which case I eagerly await new macros, cat or otherwise.

Over in poor_skills, fightingshape asks I'm just wondering if someone can tell me why everyone in this community gets fired up over small stupid things, all the time? Is it because you're poor? Does having no money make it harder for you to be nice?

Also, just to keep the post on-topic, they add: Any tips on trading a car in?

See also  here ("I'm so sorry I don't livejournal the way you prefer. I'll try to work on that.") and here ("I don't see how I was attempting to start an argument.")

Cats and evolution.

Small stupid over in useless_facts


4funn got some peoples' panties in a bunch mentioning his/her arguementative tactics.

The interwebs, they are a mean place to be...

Unlocked at posting.
Bitch can't keep her noisy brat quiet, damned straight she should be kicked off the plane!

Oh. Wait. Kid was just...talking? And bothering...no one? But one cranky assed flight attendant? Doesn't matter!

The stupid and judgemental rambling runs so deep, I really can't pick a favorite. I'll leave that to you.


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