July 11th, 2007


In Which a Confession Community turns to Cat Macros

Over in brutal_honesty, lifeiswaiting4u posts about how she stopped ordering pizza from the shop next to where she used to work because a pedophile worked there.

She goes on to explain how people should just get out of abusive relationships, except for kids. She has pity on kids in abusive relationships because she was abused as a child and that's what screwed her up in the first place.

Cries of "lame_honesty!" and Cat Macros ensue.

unlocked at the time of posting.

Allow me to educate you on your incorrect opinion

Some people think suicide is a selfish act. It's a common opinion when the topic arises, but is it wrong to look at it that way? YES.

Why? Because psychology students have done their research, that is why.

It's not a monumental stupid, but I just love it when psych students get all uppity and knowitall.


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Over in adayinmylife, netprospect gives us a hands-on demonstration of why relying on BabelFish to translate your LJ posts is never a good idea. I'm guessing he/she also doesn't know enough English to read the (notoriously strict) community rules either.

This could get interesting.

ETA: Aaaaaaand within seconds of posting, it's deleted. I didn't even have a chance to take caps! Never mind, my macro collection could always do with a boost.
all we need

Anti-Govt. =/= Left-wing nutjob

Over in politicsforum, algabal lets us know that if someone is anti-war and anti-government, they're obviously a left-wing liberal, especially if they shoot a military officer (which is, by the way, evidence of the "increasing hysteria and desperate attitude of many on the left".

He gets shot down in many comments, but just won't take the hint. It's actually kind of fun to watch. So I thought you all might enjoy it.

[edit] Aww. Bahleeted. And I didn't even think to get screencaps. Well, thanks for telling me, guys!
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