July 9th, 2007

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Mental Illness Wank Ahoy!

A small Monday morning stupid for your enjoyment, courtesy of stupidpetowners (though the stupid does not actually involve pet wank, for once).

There is nothing, you, me, licensed medical professionals or PhD-level researchers could do to convince [Unknown LJ tag] that Asperger's Syndrome exists. They know because of their many learnings (which we are left to simply assume as they never actually get beyond just making random unreferenced assertions). Got a mental illness? Fear not, dunaerin is here to diagnose you as just a social retard or defective jackass! Because we totally need to go back to a time when people with mental disorders were just considered weirdos and ignored. Ah, the good ole days.

My e-learnings degrees, let me show you them.
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Madonna brings the love

I wasn't going to post this, but since it just wont fucking stop...

gogolbordello, is usually a quiet, respectful fan community, with the usual sharing of tour dates, new youtube videos and... oddly, hand made scarves and things.
All in all, a pretty tame place, and never before (as far as I know) featured here.

The back story:
Gogol Bordello is a pretty fantastic (imo) gypsy-punk band (think the Pogues, but Romanian) who tour incessantly. In true DIY fashion, they've managed to get themselves a pretty respectably large and devoted world-wide fan base through touring and word of mouth alone.

Enter Madonna and the Live Earth concerts.
Apparently the night before the show, Madonna contacted Gogol Bordello and asked if they would join her on stage. They agreed, canceled their show for that night, with much apologies, and got massive world wide exposure.

Enter fanatical, foaming, ranting fan base. Who is, basically, paper_airliner.
The stupid starts Here, with the announcement. ---edit oops, this one is locked, but there is not much stupid here, anyway.

Continues here, shortly after the concert

Sort of hits a peak here, where paper_airliner posts a video of the offending bit, rants about how Madonna mis-pronounced the fiddle players name, and promptly misspells "congrats".


Continues here, with the obligatory online MySpace protest

here, with a rational comment.

and here, where the pissing contest between paper_airliner and agloriousday really gets going

And here, where paper_airliner posts a crappy camcorder video of the original version of the song sung on stage with Madonna.

and FINALLY (so far) ends here, where someone posts how they saw Gogol Bordello with Madonna and immediately fell in love with the band. They are accused of trolling in the first comment.

It's like zombie stupid, it just won't die.

edit edit
Not done yet... This just popped up, and should get the ranties going

I seriously can't believe nobody posted this

It's a small stupid, but I literally laughed out loud when I read it.

Ever heard of Godot's law?

Finally something free of drama or "I disagree with this point so I'ma post it to stupid_free". This is good old fashioned lulz right here.

In summation the mod of goth_macros posted a rules post. (Basically no more BUTTSECKS macros) And some guy comes along with the typical "omg get a bigger monitor you stupid n00b" flame war. He decides he's trolling for lulz and that he'll keep the thread going until someone invokes Godot's law.

At first I thought it was just a joke, but the comment after it has the explanation and then a flounce. Seriously.

Just seriously. Maybe I just laughed because I'm full of the ear infection craziness but good lord.

ETA: Aw, I guess he got butthurt and deleted his comments. THe aftermath of it is still there, though, for proof. Don't suppose anyone has screenshots for me?

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For the sake of the argument below, I will say that an idiot finds his/her way into cat_adoration. Not sure what the intent was. Basically, the idiot asks about cat breeds whi le tpying lke ths lolol

The stupid that I found both stupid and humorous came later in the discussion about what said idiot was doing, which can be found here:

Trolling? Sock Puppetry? More like fail.