July 8th, 2007

Eternal Silence

Work for them, pay for them, too!

Small, but boggling.

So over in customers_suck, mankusu posts a standard entry complaining about a customer who comes up short, and acts as though she, the employee, should just cover the cost for her.

She handles it how she should.

But not according to kamiawolf. According to this lovely pack of sunshine, the OP should have just pulled the money out of her own pocket. Why? Because it would be nice.

Sure, it would be nice, but no one should be expected to. When told, she gets a little huffy.

WELL! You should just get a BETTER JOB!!


Frankly, I expected a bit more flak on this flake. I'm a bit disappointed in C_S.


ETA: Wonder what kamiawolf would think of this situation? Really, I'm dying to know.