July 6th, 2007

christmas decoration

Won't SOMEBODY think of the SKINNY BITCHES??

Ok, was NOT going to post this bad_service post....God knows we've seen too much size wank around...
cupidstunt lives up to her name and makes an already-feeling bad poster feel even worse about her rant about Victoria's Secret.
Still, possibly not a huge stupid, really, right?

Here's my deal breaker.....
"I can still see where you wrote 'skinny bitches'..."

ETA: linking fixed, and apparently not as stupid as I thought...~*hangs on for 2000+ paddlins...*~
ETA 2nd: Font fixed.  It's the font I usually use for my personal journal.  Sorry it hurt ya'll eyes.

Offensive my lubed pumpkin butt!

Over in cathealth, I make a tl;dr post about my new adopted furry friend. Instead of saying anything productive, talonvaki decides to point out that my icon is offensive and she could really do without it on her friends' page.

Of course, anyone with a sane mind or the the members of TQC know that my icon isn't offensive, and if it were to be a real goatse pumpkin the hole would have to be far, far larger.