July 5th, 2007


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Since we're on the subject of both trans-related stupids and somewhat old stupids:

Today I came across a nifty little one-line post in adultpostsecret by xxx_kitten:

Have you ever, or would you consider having sex with a transexual [sic]?

Appropriately, it's tagged "experimentation." Goodness knows that that's the only context in which I'd sleep with a shemale or a he-she!

me_but_not decides that it's time to lay down the motherfucking law and informs everyone that a transexual is not a woman in their view. He is a man who has been surgically altered - but still a man.

Don't get them wrong, tho. They love futanari stuff, and if there really was a woman like that, they'd be all over it. They love women, and they love cock.

Shemales just, like, aren't as hot as dickgirls.

xxx_kitten wants to make sure that no one is hurt by anything in the post or thread, so she puts on her mod hat and informs those mean old trannies that rude comments are not welcome in the community. After all, comments that are made solely to stir up trouble are against the rules as stated in the user-info. This is meant to be a safe environment. Heaven knows we wouldn't want anyone getting offended or anything (unless it's by someone saying something that doesn't involve swearing; then you totally fucking chose to be offended, man. Don't take it so personally).

icelord: Good modding. Let me tell you, internet, I mod a couple of comms and several forums so I could tell that the commentators you modded were shit-stirrers because of some of the swearing and all of the irritation.

It seems like a lot of the comm members/readers just don't care about any of that shit; they're too busy being fucking creepy or wondering how to tell trans women that she wants one of their cocks buried in her cunt, because doing that takes some special kind of catch phrase or some kind of shiny thing or something. Maybe a decoder ring.

Edit: Oh joy of joys, I've posted a stupid that pays for itself by spawning more stupid. Over and over and over again!

Now, I realize that it may be difficult for many people to understand just why it might be stupid to insist to people that you know better than they do what their gender is or for what is presumably an adult to ask a group of other adults "would you have sex with a 'x?'" and suggest that sex with a member of that group of people is an experiment, but if you don't see anything stupid about anything above, please bear with me for a moment and ask yourselves whether or not you're looking hard enough, or if you've had the experience that, I'm surprised to find, seems to possibly be required to see it.

older, but still good:

I was waiting for this to be posted, but it never was, so here ya go

2 weeks ago, I posted the new video for Mika's 'Big girl, you are beautiful' in ohnotheydidnt and we attracted a user, by the name of banksy. It was definitely hilarious in it's stupidity:


this was the best part of that thread though, when he was OWNED by dear_endeavor, with one good comment:


you'll know it when you see it.